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what color to wear on a date

What to Wear on a Date

Trying to decide what to wear on a date? I bet you spent the last hour scrolling through webpages just to find something that suits you right. I’m not really about template outfits. They are too generic and they aren’t personalized to you. They are part of the reason why you’re having a hard time… 

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stylish woman personal style

How Personal Style Will Help You Reach Goals Faster

 Your personal style is holding you back from achieving your goals! Find out how changing your look can get you to your dreams faster! “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it” – Edith Head, Famous Hollywood Costume Designer This is so true! So many studies about personal style prove that… 

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little black dress 3

Little Black Dress | 3 Ways to Avoid Wearing It Again

Another invite with nothing in the closet to wear? Unfortunately, you didn’t anticipate having to go to another holiday party since you just confirmed 2 events in the past week. “The same people won’t be at this party,” you hope to yourself. But I’m sure they’ll remember you wore that same dress to your cousins… 

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Decide today that you're going to be body image positive. Need help? Implement at least one of these tips today and change how you see yourself.


Decide today that you’re going to be body image positive. Need help? Implement at least one of these tips today and change how you see yourself. To be body image positive you need to stop comparing your body image to others. Love your body image and love theirs too! Post positive notes on every mirror… 

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Portrait of urban business woman wearing tie, isolated on blue

Corporate Dress Code | How to Dress with Corporate Attire

Your guide to dressing for a corporate dress code. Learn how to use corporate attire to look successful for work and business. Corporate Attire for Women: General Tips Overall look is classic and simple A full coordinating suit is best for the corporate dress code. Your pants, skirt and blazer should be the same color… 

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Body Shapes

Get Your Body Shape Style Guide| Pick Your Shape and Dress Your Best

To make things easier for you ladies, I have provided a link to each body shape style guide. If  you’re unsure what body shape you are, go to the body shape calculator to determine your silhouette. Even if you think you know your shape, I recommend you take the measurements so you know for sure…. 

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how to look powerful for work

How to Look Powerful for Work and Dress Like a Boss Lady

Hey ladies, Are you having trouble being taken serious in business and work? I can relate. I am a petite little lady and I often get mistaken for looking 10 years younger than my actual age. It’s flattering sometimes, but as a business woman, I want to be take seriously. I wrote a blog post… 

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Be your Own Personal Shopper

In this post I will show you how to be your own personal shopper for your image. Crazy? Yes, I know. Shopping is actually the last step in my seven step image consulting process. I would recommend doing the first 6 steps before you purchase anything. Know your colors Know the best styles for your body… 

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Wardrobe Organization for the Unorganized

Role up your sleeves to do some simple but thorough wardrobe organization. Finally you can clean your closet, organize your clothing and always have something to wear! Did I mention that you will “ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO WEAR!” There are 4 steps to wardrobe organization: Remove: Trash or Donate. Reuse: Alterations and storage. Restore: Fill in the… 

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capsule wardrobe example

How to Plan, Organize and Shop for Your Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is the best way to organize your wardrobe because it will give you a lot more outfits with just a few pieces. Just imagine: With 6 clothing items you get 6 outfits. With 9 clothing items you get 24 outfits. With with 12 clothing items you get 48 outfits. And with 30… 

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4 Keys to a Positive Body Image

Having a positive body image is about seeing and believing that your body is perfect as it is despite what anyone else says. It is about being totally comfortable with yourself; free and not ashamed to be in your body. A women that is positive about her body will love what she sees in the… 

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