Feeling great in your own skin and having a positive body image takes work! Did you know 44% of women will have negative feelings about their body. In order to stay positive you need to train your thoughts. Follow these five simple steps: 1. ACKNOWLEDGMENT When a negative thought about your body or self-image… 

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Children Body Image: Fostering a Healthy Self Image

Children body image is an important topic for mothers. You can be saving your child from serious disorders and illnesses simply by creating an environment that helps them feel confident. As parents, we must be educated on how our children develop a sense of self and how we can help them develop a positive body… 

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Body Image Prayers

Wondering how to pray about or for your body image? It’s easy! Prayer is simply talking to God, and you can talk to him about anything! Tell him how you feel about your image, your desires to be more positive and pray for the strength to accept yourself and focus on the things that really… 

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Body Image Positive with Self Love Saturdays

Having a self-love day IS A MUST to be body image positive. Giving your mind, body and spirit a rest is essential to your well-being. It is a time to relax, leave your house messy, sleep in, eat, pray, love! Having a day of rest is also practiced in different faiths such as Judaism and… 

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Body Image Positive with Thank You Thursdays

Be body image positive by dedicating a day, a couple hours or even 30 minutes to your body for being such an awesome place to live. Gratitude is the quality of being grateful or thankful ( and according to Psychology Today, studies show that gratitude can increase your well-being and happiness. Use this guide to… 

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robe coat

Fall Trends for your Body Shape

  Do trends really matter? Here at Aura Image Consulting Toronto, we believe trends shouldn’t be the focus. You should dress to your unique body shape, personality and lifestyle.  However, when it fits well into your context, wearing a new trend or two can be flattering! In response to some of the top trends featured… 

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Your Pregnancy and Body Image

You truly never understand the impact of pregnancy and body image until you’re immersed in it. Many women will experience body image challenges during one of the most beautiful times in their life. This is what to expect. BEFORE CONCEPTION Before conception, we hear from our family and friends all the interesting and sometimes frightening… 

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Body Image and Cosmetic Surgery

Body image and cosmetic surgery is increasing in popularity in our western culture. A growing number of women are seeking surgical solutions to their body, and surprisingly these women include teenage girls. Some women will consider surgery especially after having children to restore their postpartum shape and others will do so to resolve physical issues… 

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back to work shopping

Back to Work Shopping: Why you Need an Image Consultant

Are you like me? In awe of all the latest fashions for the season? It’s always nice to go back to work looking current and in style. Before you spend a dime, I highly recommend that you consider hiring an Image Consultant. Here are 3 reasons why. 1. An Image Consultant Ensures that you Actually Wear What… 

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Be your Own Personal Shopper

In this post I will show you how to be your own personal shopper for your image. Crazy? Yes, I know. Shopping is actually the last step in my seven step image consulting process. I would recommend doing the first 6 steps before you purchase anything. Know your colors Know the best styles for your body… 

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