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buying clothes while losing weight plain

Buying Clothes While Losing Weight

Buying clothes while losing weight is a challenge, especially if you’re planning on losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. As an image consultant, I witness a lot of my clients revamp their entire image by losing weight and firming their bodies, while trying to recreate their style. The main […]

clothes that flatter body shape

Clothes that Flatter Body Shape

“Who cares about clothes that flatter body shape! I just wear what I want!”….Really! If this is you, I think you’re missing out on the whole idea of stylish dressing. I am not trying to be that fashion guru that lists a whole bunch of rules for each women to follow, nor am I trying […]


Positive Body Image | How to Feed Your Mind

  A positive body image will only survive on a good mental diet. Just like our bodies, our mind will become a product of whatever we feed it. Garbage in, garbage out! Below is a healthy balanced diet for your mind! READ Not the latest vogue magazine with all the airbrushed models. This is 30 […]

Cheap Fashion for Work

Cheap Fashion for Working Moms

 Finding cheap fashion for working moms is easiest during the late winter months. While the mall is empty and retailers are literally giving away their leftover fall and winter fashions, capitalize on the “End of Season Sales” and replenish your wardrobe with the basics for a great price. Here are some tips for your bargain […]

stylish woman personal style

How Personal Style Will Help You Reach Goals Faster

 Your personal style is holding you back from achieving your goals! Find out how changing your look can get you to your dreams faster! “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it” – Edith Head, Famous Hollywood Costume Designer This is so true! So many studies about personal style prove that […]

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