4 Keys to a Positive Body Image
Keys to a positive body image.

4 Keys to a Positive Body Image

Having a positive body image is about seeing and believing that your body is perfect as it is despite what anyone else says. It is about being totally comfortable with yourself; free and not ashamed to be in your body. A women that is positive about her body will love what she sees in the mirror. She will also have a positive outlook about how others see her. She will feel confident wherever she goes.

It’s not only how you think about yourself, but it’s also how you treat yourself. A girl with a positive body image will understand that her body is a precious place and that it’s the only one she has. Your body houses everything about you. Your thoughts, emotions, personality and spirit. With this understanding, you won’t settle for anything less than perfect in areas of eating, exercise, grooming and dress because you know your worth it!



This is about shifting your thinking from a place of negativity to positivity. This will take time, as your thinking is a product of your entire life! In order to change how you see yourself it takes daily effort and mental exercises to train your thoughts to work in a new way. You may have to change your circle of friends, cut out certain habits, and feed your mind with things that you never did before. This change is the most important of them all. An ancient teaching that is still proven today says that “You are What You Think.” In this lifetime, you can be the best image of yourself if you train your mind to believe it first.


Once you mentally value yourself, wanting to taking care of your physical body should come naturally. Health and fitness shouldn’t be about aesthetics. Unless you’re an athlete training for a marathon, you should be exercising and eating healthy just because your body and your mind need it for optimal functioning. The benefits of eating healthy and exercising regularly include:

  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Ability to think more clearly
  • Having more energy to go through the day
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Prevention of disease and sickness

Focus on health and fitness as a way of taking care of your body rather than a way to “lose belly fat” or “firm your buns!” When you eat healthy and exercise regularly, your body will naturally take on a figure that is perfect for you.


When you have a positive body image, you also take care of the nitty gritty. Brushing your teeth, combing your hair, washing your face and maintaining your nails is non negotiable. In doing this, you are preventing sickness and disease and showing that you care about yourself. It’s just like caring for a home. Regularly you sweep, vacuum, mop, clean the counters, etc. You do maintenance on your house as well to prevent major problems in the future. As I said before, your body is your only home.

You can also choose to enhance your image. You do this not because you’re ugly or anything like that, but like a house, your experience is just much more enjoyable when you have a well decorated home. Same with you! Just because you enjoy putting on makeup, nail polish, or styling your hair it doesn’t mean you’re not happy with yourself. Like decorating your home, you enjoy adorning yourself to enhance what you already have, and that’s just fine!


Learning how to dress your body shape will not only make you feel more comfortable in your body, but it will also promote your positive body image because you now understand that your body was never the problem, but it was your clothes. Did you know that manufacturers use a template body to make clothes? That means the majority of clothing that you try on will not fit perfectly. Once you know how to dress yourself, you will be able to sift through all the piles of clothing junk and choose what works perfect for your body. Again, it’s all about choosing what works best for you, AND not conforming to a template body.

The important thing is that you look at yourself holistically. We cannot separate our bodies from our mind or our appearance from our image. They all work together to make up who we are. When one area is suffering there is bound to be suffering in another. Focus on improving and maintaining these four areas to stay positive!

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