5 Ways to Get a New Look and Increase your Salary

5 Ways to Get a New Look and Increase Your Salary


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How can a ‘new look’ increase my salary? According to several studies, attractive people find jobs faster, are promoted faster and make more money. Yes, I know its discrimination at its worst, but the truth is, your image does more selling than you think.

One study in particular is from Daniel Hamermesh’s book, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful. Hamermesh is an economics professor at the University of Texas in Austin, and he says that people can earn 3% to 4% more than the person with average looks, which adds up to over $230,000 over a lifetime!

So why miss that extra 4% salary increase? For the average person that’s an extra $150 a month just for breathing at work! Here are five quick and easy ways to create a new look and increase your attraction factor.

1. Try something new

As humans, we are slaves to habits and staying in our comfort zone. Have you been wearing the same lipstick color for the past year? Two years? OMGosh 5 years! As an image consultant, I regularly run into people that try to resist my professional suggestions saying, “So and so makeup line and colors have been working for me for x amount of years!” Sorry to say, but that is exactly why you’ve been stuck in the same position for so long!

Step out of your comfort zone and try a new glasses frame, haircut or color. Wear it for a week or two and see what happens. If it’s a fashion fail, try again.

2. Become best friends with your tailor

You should be seeing your tailor at least 2 – 4 times per year at every seasonal change. Whenever you buy a new blouse, work suit or business dress, get the finishing touches done to put that extra oomph in your outfit. For example, simply hemming your skirt can make you look taller or just taking in the waist can modestly show off your silhouette. When your clothing is tailored, you will automatically look neater and sophisticated.

3. Get dressed every morning with intention

Don’t just put on clothing everyday simply to cover yourself. Clothing is a means of expression, nonverbal communication and a way of creating your identity. Often when people are describing or recommending someone, they will start with how they look. They’d say something like, “Yes! Jennifer is a well put together woman. She’s really good at…” It’s just natural to notice how you look.
So when getting ready every morning, think about what you would like to communicate and tell the world. Are you fun? Creative? Enterprising? Say what you mean with your clothing and don’t give mixed messages.

4. Make an effort to add color

OMGosh! Whenever I walk down the streets of Toronto, all I see is people wearing black. Who died? Or I guess we’re all mourning the fact that we have to go to work every day. We can fall into the trap of buying every clothing piece in black, because it’s slimming and goes with everything. When black isn’t worn with style intention, it can get boring. Worse, black may not be your best color, dragging your image down and making you look tired and worn out. Adding the right color will give you an instant pick up, and bring out your best features. Color also has the ability to energize and increase your productivity! I’m a huge fan of color specifically for its aesthetics and psychological benefits!

5. Get an Image Consultant

We’ll this is a no brainer ;). If you’re having trouble putting a new look together or want some professional advice on the best colors and styles that will support your career image and lifestyle, then an Image consultant is the most effective solution for you. You will in fact save time and money by working with an expert. When you’re in dire need of plumbing you don’t try to figure it out yourself, rather you hire a plumber. The same goes for getting a new look. Save yourself the stress and get an Image Consultant to put you on the right track for career and life success.

Please share your advice. What are you doing to create a new look this season?

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