Back to Work Shopping: Why you Need an Image Consultant

Back to Work Shopping: Why you Need an Image Consultant

Are you like me? In awe of all the latest fashions for the season? It’s always nice to go back to work looking current and in style. Before you spend a dime, I highly recommend that you consider hiring an Image Consultant. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. An Image Consultant Ensures that you Actually Wear What you Buy

The average woman only wears 25% of the clothes in her closet,simply because she doesn’t buy clothes that best suit her body shape and style personality. Shopping is not about going to the mall and picking what you like. Like almost everything else in life, it’s a science. Before you go shopping you need to make a plan integrating seven elements of dressing:

  1. Your Most Flattering Colors
  2. Style that Fit Your Body Shape
  3. Styles that Conceal Your Challenges
  4. Your Workplace Dress Code
  5. Your Style Personality, Aura or Desired Image
  6. What you actually Need to fill in the Gaps of your Closet
  7. Your Budget

Yes! All seven elements must be implemented for your shopping trip to be a success. This may seem a little much, but when you don’t put in this effort to plan ahead of time, you end up wasting 75% of your purchasing time and money. A professional Image Consultant will know how to define each element as it relates to you, and she will use it to ensure that every shopping dollar counts.

2. An Image Consultant will Save You Money

So let’s say you went to the mall and spent $500 on clothing:

  • 10 Tops for $200
  • 4 Pants $160
  • 1 Pair of Shoes $80
  • Purse/Accessories $60

This looks like a lot, but the average woman will go home and still say “I have nothing to wear.” Why is that? Here are some reasons why:

  • The items feature too wide a variety of colors and therefore every item in the collection will not coordinate.
  • Some tops may feature a unique style and can only be worn with a specific pair of pants, limiting the range of outfits that can be made.
  • Because there wasn’t a defined personality style and image, there are too many conflicting styles. For example, some items are very bohemian in style while other items are more dramatic. Because of this everything doesn’t go together.

An Image Consultant will help you avoid these problems and actually help you buy less, but get more outfits! Instead you can go to the mall and only spend $360 dollars:

  • 3 Tops $60
  • 2 Overpieces $60
  • 2 Bottoms $90
  • 1 Pair of shoes $80
  • Purse/Accessories $60

From this you will get a guaranteed 6 to 10 outfits, save $150, plus look like a superstar because you had a professional stylist dress you! In essence, the money you saved in this scenario ($150) would cover the cost of a 3 hour shopping trip with a stylist, and ensure that you look amazing rather than average.

An Image Consultant will save you Time

You may think that you can do all the work by yourself. All you have to do is read a book on dressing and style, then make a plan with all the seven steps, and then go shopping. This is very possible, but it will take you a long time to research, plan and practice on yourself. A professional Image Consultant has at least 75+ hours in advanced training plus experience. When do you plan on fitting in that kind of time to ensure you do your makeover properly? Between work, family life, hobbies, etc. are you sure you’ll have the time needed to really make an image impact? Save yourself the wasted time and stress. A session with an Image Consultant will get you on the path to image success for years to come. If you feel your time and money is worth something, I highly recommend you get a professional.

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