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Easy Work Wardrobe Makeover for Spring Summer

Here are six easy and affordable ways to makeover your work wardrobe for the spring and summer seasons. Great for a career and business woman who has tons of black and white in her closet and needs a refresher! 1. Add Volume and Curls to your Hair Curls are very feminine and volume adds a […]

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Seven Steps to Dress for Success

Did you know that your image could help you promote faster and make more money? It can also help you in your search for love and new relationships. Don’t get it twisted – your image is the key to opening a lot of opportunities! Here are seven vital steps to dress for success in life. 1. Wear the […]

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5 Ways to Get a New Look and Increase Your Salary

  How can a ‘new look’ increase my salary? According to several studies, attractive people find jobs faster, are promoted faster and make more money. Yes, I know its discrimination at its worst, but the truth is, your image does more selling than you think. One study in particular is from Daniel Hamermesh’s book, Beauty Pays: […]

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Spring Fashion Tips for a Cold Toronto

    Now that it feels a little more like Spring in Toronto, here are some fashion tips to get your wardrobe refreshed for the new season! [ss_one_half] [/ss_one_half] [ss_one_half_end] Full Skirts The most versatile piece that will take you from Spring to Summer. Make an investment in this piece as I can imagine it […]

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What is My Body Type?

Your body type is dependent on the fat to muscle content ratio in your body. This is essentially called your somatotype. Knowing your somatotype will help you know how to better dress your body. Use the formula below to discover your body type. There are three somatotypes: [ss_one_third] [/ss_one_third] [ss_one_third] [/ss_one_third] [ss_one_third_end] [/ss_one_third_end]     […]

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What are your best colours?

What Colors Suit Me?

Are you wearing your best colors? If not, you’re truly missing out on the power of color. Your best colors will give you a “wow” factor! They bring out your natural characteristics, minimize blemishes and create an overall balance. Your coloring is based on the colors in your blood that show through your skin. This is called […]

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Hide your Mummy Tummy: 5 Tops that Conceal

No time to hit the gym? These tops will conceal your mummy tummy. Empire Waist The empire waisted top, also known as the baby doll, is my all-time favorite for covering the mummy tummy. Look for one that has a V-neck so that the attention is closer to your neck and face rather than your […]

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Cheap Fashion for Working Moms

 Finding cheap fashion for working moms is easiest during the late winter months. While the mall is empty and retailers are literally giving away their leftover fall and winter fashions, capitalize on the “End of Season Sales” and replenish your wardrobe with the basics for a great price. Here are some tips for your bargain […]

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How to dress your mummy tummy

Post Pregnancy Body | How to Dress your Post Baby Body Shape

My post-pregnancy body shape was totally different after pregnancy. I knew that my body would change, but I didn’t think it would be this drastic. If I was experiencing challenges dressing my body after childbirth as an image consultant, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Personally, I experienced deflated breasts, a flatter bottom, a […]

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