Body Image Positive | 25 Tips to Apply Now! Body Image Positive | 25 Tips to Apply Now!
25 tips to stay body image positive


Decide today that you’re going to be body image positive. Need help? Implement at least one of these tips today and change how you see yourself.

  1. To be body image positive you need to stop comparing your body image to others. Love your body image and love theirs too!
  2. Post positive notes on every mirror that you own. Every time you look at the mirror, say the positive message out loud.
  3. Embrace compliments, gifts and love whenever you receive them. Instead of brushing it off, tell them thank you and give back.
  4. Feed yourself with tasty foods!
  5. Understand and train your mind to believe that their is no such thing as “The Ideal Body.” The word “perfect” has no relevance to body image. That’s like asking whether an apple is smart. Bodies are what they are.
  6. Look for beauty in everyone’s body including your own.
  7. Every so often, take a fast from mirrors. Cover them with paper or put them away in your closet for a bit.
  8. Pray for continued health and strength for your body.
  9. Give thanks for all your bodies’ capabilities. Can you run, walk, dance, read, see, hear, touch, smell? The list goes on. Give thanks!
  10. Pray before every meal rather than loathe over what you’re eating. There is someone else somewhere else in the world that is wishing she had the privilege to eat.
  11. Keep a journal and write about all the wonderful things your body did today. Did you finish a workout? Write it down. Did you get out of bed this morning? Write it down.
  12. When a negative emotion or thought about your body image comes to mind, write it down. Look at it. Let it go. Then rip burn and destroy the paper in any manner you can think of without burning down the house. Let it go. It’s done.
  13. Only expect and accept respect from others.
  14. Eat without distraction or multitasking. Sit and savor every bite of your meal and let your body enjoy it through all senses. See the beautiful colors in your veggies. Smell the sweet aroma. Savor the taste. Let your tongue touch the texture and listen to your lips smacking every bite.
  15. Wear clothing and makeup that make you feel good. Clear your closet of restricting clothes.
  16. Walk naked in your room or your house. Let it all hang loose and be free. Get used to it. Get comfortable in your skin.
  17. Take pictures of yourself and set aside some time to do a creative scrapbook or collage featuring you and only you. This is a great time to reflect on not only your body, but also you as a person.
  18. Get a massage.
  19. Listen to your body. Are you hungry? Eat! Are you tired? Sleep.
  20. Keep a good balance between your mind, body and spirit. Never let one outweigh the other. If you’re body says it wants to sleep in one day, but your mind says no you have to go to work, let the spirit of wisdom be the judge.
  21. Write a list of at least 10 positive things about yourself and read it to yourself every morning or in the night before bed.
  22. Choose a workout routine and activity that you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be lifting weights or running the treadmill, unless you like those activities. It could be simply you blasting your favorite gospel song in the background and mouthing the words while you perform in front of the mirror (my little secret LOL).
  23. Understand that the same person that created the universe created you! Seriously! You were made by the greatest artist of all. You are not a mistake! God wants you to love your body image cause you are made in His Image. (Genesis 1:27)
  24. Go back to biology class 101 and praise your body for what it is doing every second. It works while you sleep for heaven’s sake! And if you failed biology, class that goes to show how much more sophisticated your body is than you thought.
  25. REGULARLY pamper yourself. This could be a “Thank Yourself Thursday” or “Self Love Saturday.” Be creative with it.

I want to hear from you. Share your tips for staying body image positive and help someone rise above!

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