Body Image Positive with Self Love Saturdays
Self love Saturdays. Rituals to pamper yourself and increase self worth.

Body Image Positive with Self Love Saturdays

Having a self-love day IS A MUST to be body image positive. Giving your mind, body and spirit a rest is essential to your well-being. It is a time to relax, leave your house messy, sleep in, eat, pray, love! Having a day of rest is also practiced in different faiths such as Judaism and Christianity. In the Holy Bible, it says that God rested:

And on the seventh day, God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. (Genesis 2:2)

God doesn’t really need sleep because He is God, but here it shows that there was a day where he came to a rest from all his work. If God does it, how much more should we?

Here are some great ideas for having a Body Image Positive day with Self Care Saturday!


Plug out and turn off all the clocks in your house the night before. Let your body naturally rise with the sun the next day. This may be difficult if you have young children to look after, but the practice of turning off all the clocks will be helpful to your mind. Today you will just go with the flow.


Turn of your cell phone, notification settings and social media outlets. It’s time for peace and quiet. Focus on loving yourself today.


Put on some Saturday morning cartoons for the kids and take a nice long shower or bath. Use your favorite aromatherapy body wash.


Go out for breakfast. Take yourself and the family if you must. Don’t look at the prices. Just choose whatever you want! Breakfast isn’t usually that pricey anyway.


Drop the kids off at your parents, a sitter or any other childcare service area. Some of the malls in my city, Toronto, have childcare centers right in the mall. For 5 bucks, I can leave my child for 3 hours.


Get a manicure and a pedicure. You can do this at the mall or at home. You can try a natural nails regime or do a total in home spa.


Buy yourself something small and sweet. This could literally be something from the dollar store or you can splurge! Maybe it’s a cute picture frame, or some socks.


If you got kids, they will enjoy this part! Look up at the sky and just stare. Feel the coolness of the earth support your body. Relax.


There are so many personal development books and spiritual books that are inspiring, encouraging and that can help you stay body image positive.


Especially the ones with the smooth vanilla scent! Candles have the ability to set a calming and comforting mood. Light it any time of the day. Better yet, light it all day long to remind you that it’s Self-Love Saturday.


I collect a variety of teas for every mood. You can also include cappuccinos, coffee, hot chocolate etc. And when you drink it, don’t do anything else but drink it. I know of Buddhist monks that practice the art of drinking tea! Seriously! You just focus on the task at hand and feel the warm fluid go down into the depths of your belly. Try it!


I can’t say this enough, but prayer is so key to refocusing your mind, staying positive, and having a great relationship with God. It doesn’t have to be anything formal. Just have a conversation with God. Simply speak then wait and listen.

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