Body Shape Changes: What to Expect Body Shape Changes: What to Expect

Body Shape Changes: What to Expect

The female body shape will change during 5 specific stages in a woman’s lifetime when hormone levels are either increasing or decreasing. Knowing about these changes ahead of time will save you the stress of wondering why all your clothes don’t fit all of a sudden. The best solution is to be prepared!


This is when the body is preparing for pregnancy and childbirth. In the teenage years, this body change is characterized by widening of the hips, the growth of breasts, and a fuller butt and thighs due to the increase of estrogen (the female sex hormone).


Other than the expansion of the uterus and belly to accommodate a growing baby, pregnancy increases the breast size, widens hips, and adds a lot more body weight as your body continues to increase with estrogen and retains water.


Your belly may have a kangaroo pouch, your hips remain wider and your breasts are saggy. It doesn’t sound too appealing, but your body has gone through a lot in just producing a baby. Eventually with intentional and consistent exercise and healthy eating, your body can bounce back especially if you were active during your pregnancy. Click here for more on dressing your Post Pregnancy Body!


Okay so let’s say you decided not to have children. Well, unless you are consistent with exercise and eating healthy, your body, with aging, will experience some changes as your metabolism naturally slows down and no longer breaks down fat as fast as it used to.


At this stage your estrogen production goes down, and as a result, fat deposits are stored in your torso rather than your hips. You may also experience a lot of bloating. Overall your body may look fuller around your lower abdomen. My mom says it’s like being pregnant all over again 😉 There’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to women and their hormones. When these stages hit you, just go with it. It’s apart of the female life cycle and you can adapt through, diet, exercise and dressing for your body shape. Enjoy the ride and learn to let nature take its course.

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