How to take Body Shape Measurements
How to Take Your Body Shape Measurements

How to take Body Shape Measurements

Learn how to accurately get your body shape measurements and find out more about your body shape! Whether you’re ordering clothes online, making custom made clothes, or calculating your body shape, taking accurate measurements are important.


You will need a measuring tape, or a long string and a ruler to compare the length. I recommend having someone measure you, because when you measure yourself, your body is not in a relaxed position. When measuring, wrap the string around the area of the body to get the width or against the body to get the height. Never wrap the measuring tape around the body too tightly. You should wrap it around so that it lays taunt, yet comfortably on your body. Whenever you need a whole number, round up and not down. (i.e. 33.5 inches = 34 inches)


How to take your body shape measurements

How to take your body shape measurements

This picture shows the key areas necessary for measuring your body in red:

  • Bust: Fullest part of breast
  • Waist: Smallest part of torso
  • Hips: Widest part just around your leg break

These three measurements are used to determine your body shape, and are also most necessary for good for fit.

The other factors for measuring (in blue) are also necessary for custom made clothing:

  • Height
  • Shoulder Width
  • Armpit
  • Arm Width
  • Arm Length
  • Torso Length
  • Leg Length
  • Thighs

Once you get you body shape measurements, you can use our body shape calculator to find out your body shape!


Some clothing lines will provide you with a conversion chart to help assit you in shopping for your clothing size. For example, they will tell you that a US size 4 is a EUR size 6. My advice is not to pay attention to this. Just get straight to the raw measurements because a size 4 in one brand will be different from a size 4 in another. Look at the measurements I mentioned above, Bust, Waist, Hips, etc. to ensure that the item is a good fit for you.

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