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What is My Body Type?

Your body type is dependent on the fat to muscle content ratio in your body. This is essentially called your somatotype. Knowing your somatotype will help you know how to better dress your body.

Use the formula below to discover your body type.

There are three somatotypes:

body type ectomorph


A endomorph is characterized by having more fat content than muscle.




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Mesomorph Body Type


A mesomorph is characterized by having more muscle content than fat.




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Endomorph Body Type


A endomorph is characterized by having more fat content than muscle.








Measure your Body Type

Measure around the fullest part of your bust.


If you already know your height, great! If not simply have someone measure you from your heels to the crown of your head. Doing this against a wall makes it easier. Now determine whether you are short, average or tall.

Short: Less than 5’4” or 163 cm
Medium: 5’4” – 5’6” or 163 cm – 168 cm
Tall: Greater than 5’6” or 168 cm


You can have fine, medium or strong bone structure. Measure the circumference of your wrist then complete the following formula: Wrist ÷ Height x 100% = Bone Structure Percentage

Compare your results:

Fine: Less than 8.5 %
Medium: 8.5% – 9.5%
Strong: Greater than 9.5%


Compare your numbers with the chart below.

If you find that your measurements match the chart below you are a mesomorph.
If they are less than the chart below you are an ectomorph.
If they are more than the chart below, you are an endomorph.


mesomorph bust size in inches

Step 5: What to Wear for your Body Type

Knowing your body type will open a whole new world of dressing. Once you determine your somatotype you will discover the best fabrics, prints, and clothing pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. Use the advice based on your somatotype and your body shape to dress yourself.


If you are an ectomorph your body has low fat and muscle content. To complement your body type you should look for clothing styles with straight lines and sharp angles. Your best fabrics would be made of stiff materials and your prints would be lines and checks.

Fabrics to Try:

  • Organza
  • Organdy
  • Stiff Denims


If you are a mesomorph you have a balanced amount of muscle to fat content. When you are dressing your body avoid extremes (unless it is your personality style). Items with too many lines or circles, or fabrics to stiff or too flowy are not your best. Look for classic styles that are a fair balance.

Fabrics to Try:

  • dupioni
  • light silk twill


If you’re an endomorph, you have a full body type and you may be plus sized. When it comes to dressing your body type, look for styles that are more curvy, rounded and flowing. These types of styles will nicely flow over your curvaceous body. Also look for rounded prints like, flowers, circles and swirls, however be careful of choosing large prints. Choose prints with a high density.

High Density Print

High Density Print

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Low Density Print

Low Density Print


Fabrics to Try:

  • silk crepe
  • chiffon
  • charmeuse

Note: This formula for determining my body type was taught to me by an Image Consultant trainer from the International Image Institute in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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