Buying Clothes While Losing Weight Buying Clothes While Losing Weight

Buying Clothes While Losing Weight

Buying clothes while losing weight is a challenge, especially if you’re planning on losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. If you’re following diet plans like the ones you will find if you click here, then there is a high chance you will loose weight effectively and quickly, meaning it could be hard buying clothes during this time as they may not last very long. As an image consultant, I witness a lot of my clients revamp their entire image by losing weight and firming their bodies, while trying to recreate their style. The main concern when buying clothes while losing weight is spending hundreds to thousands of dollars buying a new wardrobe that you will have to donate 6 weeks later because nothing fits anymore. It is possible to shop for clothes while losing weight; I actually encourage it! Here are ten tips for buying clothes while losing weight, and why you should invest in transitional weight loss clothes.

10 Tips for Buying Clothes While Losing Weight

1. Wear Stretch Fabrics

Anything with a lot of elasticity and the ability to bounce back into a smaller size is a great idea. There are a lot of stores that also carry items that are one size fits all or it might be a transition size like “S/M” for small medium. These styles are great as they really give you room to lose weight.

2. Shop for Sales or Thrift

Another option is to simply buy your clothing on sale with the plan to donate them later. If you buy items while they are on sale or thrift, you will get them at a great deal, so it will be less painful when you have to give them away after losing weight.

3. Wear Little to No Prints and Patterns

If you’re feeling a little weighty in some areas, you can minimize the look of weight gain my wearing little to no prints. For example, if you’re carrying a lot of weight in your torso, and stomach area, I would avoid tops that have eccentric or eye-catching patterns. Wear a top that is dark and simple to avoid bringing too much attention to these challenge areas.

4. Wear Your Best Colours

I stress colours every time, because it’s the number one factor in finishing your look. When you wear your colours it will automatically give you the look of weight loss. If you wear colours that don’t suit you, then you will actually make yourself look larger. Not cool huh? Click here to find out what colours suit you.

5. Pay More Attention to Your Accessories

So you may notice that the clothing you buy while losing weight is boring, because you are trying not to spend an arm and a leg during this transitional period. That’s why I would suggest investing more into grooming and accessories. This will bring more personality to your basics as you transition. For example, if you choose to buy a loose t-shirt blouse as a transition piece and wear it with stretch jeggings, you can swap out multiple accessories to create different looks.

6. Buy Your Clothes in Capsules

A capsule is a collection of clothing that usually consists of 6 – 10 items (2 bottoms, 2 over pieces, 4 tops, 3 – 6 accessories) that when mixed and matched create up to 12 outfits. I would suggest getting 1 capsule of clothing while losing weight. That way you are able to make 2 weeks of clothing and rotate them during your weight loss season. It’s a great way to really stay focused on buying a few items while getting a lot of options.

7. Belt It

After you have lost some weight and things start to get baggy, a lot of your items can simply be cinched in be wearing a belt around your waist.

8. Get Alterations

Why not get you baggy clothes taken in or altered for a few dollars. Tunics and t-shirt blouses are great options because the style of the shirt is meant to be worn loose so, even if it is two sizes or so bigger, it still looks great!

9. Remember Sizes Don’t Mean Anything

When you are buying clothes while losing weight remember not to pay too much attention to sizes. What I mean is, don’t focus on trying to lose weight to become a size 4 or the like. Sizes really do vary from store to store, so to say something like this doesn’t really make sense. Make your weight loss goals around a specific weight number and not a dress size.

10. Buy a Motivational Dress

After you have bought a capsule or so, it’s okay for you to buy one motivational piece. This may be a dress that you absolutely love in one size or two smaller. Once you buy it, place it someplace you will always see it so you are motivated to stay consistent with your exercises and healthy eating habits. It ends up working out like a goal or vision board that you would post on the wall. Just beware not to buy it too much more smaller. A maximum of 3 sizes is ideal. You should take things one small step at a time, so you don’t get discouraged.

If I Lose Weight WIll I Have to Buy New Clothes?

Absolutely! I know buying clothes while losing weight is one thing, but you definitely need to make sure you get new clothes after you lose weight. Why not adorn your new body with great new clothes. Plus, if you wear too many baggy clothes, you will end up looking frumpy, and it will appear as if you never lost any weight in the first place.

If you just lost a lot of weight and you want to get started with buying a new wardrobe, I would start with my Seven Step Style System. It will walk you through the keys to creating a great image and style.

As you can see, buying clothes while losing weight doesn’t have to be a waste of money. In the end, it will help you maintain your image and help motivate you while you go through your weight loss transition.

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