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Fuel Your Busy Day with Tips for Keeping your Nutrition on Track

Personal image and self-mastery has everything to do with pampering yourself, looking good, feeling good, and of course, nourishing your body. As a busy mom, I know what it’s like to juggle work, the babies and everything in between. Don’t deplete yourself…or worse, don’t fuel your body with junk! If you expect to be optimal for […]

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Buying Clothes While Losing Weight

Buying clothes while losing weight is a challenge, especially if you’re planning on losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. If you’re following diet plans like the ones you will find if you click here, then there is a high chance you will loose weight effectively and quickly, meaning it […]

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25 tips to stay body image positive


Decide today that you’re going to be body image positive. Need help? Implement at least one of these tips today and change how you see yourself. To be body image positive you need to stop comparing your body image to others. Love your body image and love theirs too! Post positive notes on every mirror […]

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Keys to a positive body image.

4 Keys to a Positive Body Image

Having a positive body image is about seeing and believing that your body is perfect as it is despite what anyone else says. It is about being totally comfortable with yourself; free and not ashamed to be in your body. A women that is positive about her body will love what she sees in the […]

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How to feed your mind.

Positive Body Image | How to Feed Your Mind

A positive body image will only survive on a good mental diet. Just like our bodies, our mind will become a product of whatever we feed it. Garbage in, garbage out! Below is a healthy balanced diet for your mind! READ Not the latest vogue magazine with all the airbrushed models. This is 30 minutes […]

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How to train you thoughts.


Feeling great in your own skin and having a positive body image takes work! Did you know 44% of women will have negative feelings about their body. In order to stay positive you need to train your thoughts. Follow these five simple steps: 1. ACKNOWLEDGMENT When a negative thought about your body or self-image comes […]

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Children Body Image: Fostering a Healthy Self Image

Children body image is an important topic for mothers. You can be saving your child from serious disorders and illnesses simply by creating an environment that helps them feel confident. As parents, we must be educated on how our children develop a sense of self and how we can help them develop a positive body […]

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Body Image Prayers

Body Image Prayers

Wondering how to pray about or for your body image? It’s easy! Prayer is simply talking to God, and you can talk to him about anything! Tell him how you feel about your image, your desires to be more positive and pray for the strength to accept yourself and focus on the things that really […]

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Self love Saturdays. Rituals to pamper yourself and increase self worth.

Body Image Positive with Self Love Saturdays

Having a self-love day IS A MUST to be body image positive. Giving your mind, body and spirit a rest is essential to your well-being. It is a time to relax, leave your house messy, sleep in, eat, pray, love! Having a day of rest is also practiced in different faiths such as Judaism and […]

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Body Image Positive with Thank You Thursdays

Be body image positive by dedicating a day, a couple hours or even 30 minutes to your body for being such an awesome place to live. Gratitude is the quality of being grateful or thankful ( and according to Psychology Today, studies show that gratitude can increase your well-being and happiness. Use this guide to […]

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