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Body Image Books for Personal Development and Increased Self Esteem

Body Image Books and Personal Development

To support my positive body image, I read body image books that help me think more positive. Here is a list of books and resources I recommend when doing your daily personal development. I recommend reading at least 30 minutes a day to feed your mind. Happy reading! BOOKS TO FEED YOUR MIND Think and Grow Rich […]

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Body image eating disorders

Eating Disorders and Body Image

Eating disorders and body image are in most cases connected. A woman with a poor body image may be so critical of herself that she develops an unhealthy desire to achieve a dangerously low body weight. She will go through extreme measure to lose weight, and although she may have lost a significant amount, she […]

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10 Signs You're Suffering from a Poor Body Image

10 Signs You’re Suffering from a Poor Body Image

Do you show symptoms of a poor body image? These signs can help you identify some of the common traits and get you the proper help. 1. YOUR TOP ONE OR TWO GOALS  IS TO LOSE WEIGHT FOR AESTHETIC PURPOSES If changing your body is a priority over other things such as family, relationships and […]

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Body image and the media

Body Image and the Media: Why Thin is In

Body Image and the Media have been around for only a few centuries. Thin was not always in! Below I have summarized a brief history. BEFORE THE MEDIA The moving printing press was only invented in the mid 1400’s, so before then there was no television, commercials or anything of that nature. However, there were […]

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