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hourglass Body shape dressing guide

Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass body shape, your shoulders and your hips are the same width and your waist is significantly smaller in proportion to both your shoulders and hips. To find out for sure, visit our body shape calculator. You may find it difficult to find the perfect fit for your distinctive curves. When […]

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Rectangle Body Shape Guide

Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangle body shape, also know as the “H Shape” or the straight body shape, is defined by having shoulders, a waistline and hips that are all the same width. If you are unsure whether you’re a rectangle shape, visit our body shape calculator.   Key Characteristics: You have an athletic looking body Sometimes you feel […]

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apple body shape outfit

Apple Body Shape Outfits

Now that you know how to dress your beautiful apple body shape, get some ideas for creating outfits or shopping for your wardrobe! WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK HOW TO DRESS SMART CASUAL   DRESSY OUTFIT

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apple body shape style guide

Apple Body Shape

If you have the alluring apple body shape, your waist appears to be wider than your shoulders and hips when looking at your body from the front. Your body although very beautiful, is one of the most challenging body shapes to dress. As an image consultant, I find that the media does not cater to […]

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Pear body shape guide to dressing.

Clothes for Pear Shaped Body

This is an easy guide that will help you do your shopping for your Pear Shaped Body! It’s a visual summary of what you should look for in your tops, bottoms, dresses, blazers and coats. Simply assemble a similar look with 7 pieces to get 7 outfits for the week. There’s a explanation below so […]

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Pear shape body outfit

Pear Shape Body Outfits

Here are some example outfits just for your pear shape body! If you’re not sure you got the right shape visit our body shape calculator. Click here to know how to dress your pear body shape. You can also see more clothes for a pear shaped body here! WHAT TO WEAR TO WORK WHAT TO […]

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Pear body shape guide to dressing.

The Ultimate Pear Shape Body Style Guide

If you have a pear shape body your upper body is smaller in proportion to your lower body. When measuring your body, your shoulder width is significantly smaller than your hip width. To know for sure if you have a pear shape, use the measurement guide.    Pear Shape Characteristics Small shoulder width Small to […]

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How to dress with accessories

How to Dress with Accessories

Once you know how to dress your body shape, now you can accessorize! This aspect of dressing is fairly easy! There are two ways of dressing with accessories: Classic Creative If your style is more classic, then follow the simple guidelines below for choosing accessories that are in harmony with your bone structure. If your […]

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How to dress a petite body shape.

Dressing Your Petite Body

Do you have challenges dressing your petite body? Image Consultant Toronto shares some fashion tips below: If you have a petite body, you are less than 5’4″ or 163 cm. Nothing is right or wrong with being a petite woman, however, you may have challenges with dressing or getting your look just right. Follow these […]

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Clothes that flatter your body image.

Clothes that Flatter Body Shape

“Who cares about clothes that flatter body shape! I just wear what I want!”….Really! If this is you, I think you’re missing out on the whole idea of stylish dressing. I am not trying to be that fashion guru that lists a whole bunch of rules for each women to follow, nor am I trying […]

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