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Clothes that flatter your body image.

Clothes that Flatter Body Shape

“Who cares about clothes that flatter body shape! I just wear what I want!”….Really! If this is you, I think you’re missing out on the whole idea of stylish dressing. I am not trying to be that fashion guru that lists a whole bunch of rules for each women to follow, nor am I trying to crush anyone’s creativity! But from my point of view, what’s the point of wearing a masterpiece if the masterpiece is wearing you? Be in sync with your clothes while being creative. Click here to find out your individual clothes that flatter body shape. Here are 5 practical reasons why you should look for clothes specifically for your body shape.


You will feel comfortable. Your body will feel “at home” in clothes that are cut for it’s specific body shape. No worries about wearing an item that fits perfect in the waist, but is too tight in the arms or vice versa.


You will rarely have to try things on before you buy them! This is a bonus especially if you are buying something quickly on the go or you are shopping online. You can simply look at the cut of the clothing piece and make a decision. Follow the guidelines for dress your body shape so you can shop with ease.


You will camouflage your not so favorite areas. If you are not a fan of your wide hips, pudgy belly, or thick arms, that’s okay. When you wear clothes that flatter your body shape, your assets, the areas you love best on your body, will stand out more and take away attention from the other areas.


It’s easier to mix and match with other clothes in your closet because everything you own is made for your particular body shape. For example, if you had a wider variety of clothing, with some things that were a good fit and some that weren’t, you would struggle with having a lot of mismatched items. This is what happens when people have a super packed closet with “nothing to wear!”


You will look amazing! Why not wear clothes that flatter body shape? You will automatically improve your image, look more attractive, and feel better about your image. That’s the whole idea of “flattering!”

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