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How to dress with accessories

How to Dress with Accessories

Once you know how to dress your body shape, now you can accessorize! This aspect of dressing is fairly easy! There are two ways of dressing with accessories:

  • Classic
  • Creative

If your style is more classic, then follow the simple guidelines below for choosing accessories that are in harmony with your bone structure.

Dressing with accessories based on bone structure.

If your style is creative, then do the opposite. Create dissonance within your dressing and don’t follow the “rules.” Either way of dressing is fine, however, the classic way of dressing is timeless and will never go out of style!


If your bone structure is strong then look for accessories that are large, thick, chunky and made of strong materials. You’re simply matching your accessories with your structure. If you wear pieces that are the opposite (thin, small, delicate), you will find that the accessories get lost in your overall look. If you’re a creative spirit then make your own rules, but I’m sure you’ll agree that these items fit you best.

strong bone structure


If you’re bone structure is delicate then I recommend accessories that are small, thin, fine and delicate. Sometimes you’ll find that fashion authorities praise oversized items on delicate figures, however, this is a trend. If you want to go chunky, go for it! I don’t necessarily recommend over-sized items on a delicate figure in an office or professional setting.

 Delicate bone structure accessories.


If you’re in between what do you look for?….Accessories that are in between! You can afford to actually experiment with all types of accessories without taking away from your overall look so have fun!

Over and over again I say the same thing. Dressing is like telling a story. Your body is the narrator and your clothing is the illustration. If your illustrations (your clothes) match the story (your body), then you’re on the right track! Learning how to dress with accessories and clothing will take practice, but once you’re able to embrace your natural beauty and cater to it’s demands, then you will be even more at peace with yourself.

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