Fall Trends for your Body Shape
Fall Trends

Fall Trends for your Body Shape

Do trends really matter? Here at Aura Image Consulting Toronto, we believe trends shouldn’t be the focus. You should dress to your unique body shape, personality and lifestyle.  However, when it fits well into your context, wearing a new trend or two can be flattering!

In response to some of the top trends featured on fashion runways for fall 2014, I have picked the top 5 trends and made recommendations to help guide you in your fall shopping choices.

Robe Coats

Donna Karan Belted Draped Lapel Cashmere Coat





Plush coats that wrap around your body comfortably like a bathrobe. These robe coats flatter all body shapes. If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, this may be a great investment for you!


ANTONIO MARRAS Oversized Wool Turtleneck Sweater - Multi





I recommend wearing an oversized item wherever you want to draw attention. If you are pear shaped then I wouldn’t recommend wearing oversized pants as it will enlarge your hips. Ideally, I would recommend over sized pants for the V-shaped body and an oversized top for a H-shaped body or a pear body shape. Other than that, if you’re not into dramatic trends, I would leave this one alone

Skirts Over Pants

FACETASM skirt layered trousers





These have made a come back. I recommend this trend for smart casual occasions especially if your personality type is Dramatic, Natural or Creative. Mixing prints and textures that express your distinct style makes this trend intriguing

Extreme Turtlenecks

Alice + Olivia Women's Atson Rib-Trim Knit Turtleneck - Alice + Olivia - Cream (LARGE)





This trend will come in handy for cold days especially if winter is anything  close to what it was in 2013. I recommend this trend for pear shaped bodies. Other body shapes can wear this trend well, but I would recommended the V-shaped body type to stay far away.


Matthew Williamson Racoon Fur Scarf



Fur is a practical trend that anyone can wear as the main statement or accessory piece. The color, texture and thickness of the fur will determine if its right for you. I recommend choosing fur thickness and bulk in proportion to your stature and choose coloring that is in your palette. I think black or white fur looks great on dramatic or romantic personalities. Brown and caramel furs suit sporty and natural types. Creatives can choose whichever style they please while I recommend  classic types to keep it simple. If you’re unsure of your personality type click here.

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