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Get your ideal body image.

Get Your Ideal Body Image

Learn how to dress your body shape to create your ideal body image!

Imagine ONLY having clothes that were custom made for you! It would take only 10 seconds to choose the perfect outfit cause everything looks amazing on you! This is totally possible…

Be Your Own Image Consultant

Consider me to be your personal image consultant, stylist and trusted friend. I will do everything I can to literally hold your hand in choosing the best clothing and accessories for your “ideal body image.”

Use the calculator to find out your body shape and:

  • Discover the clothes that flatter you!
  • Dress for your body shape!
  • Get the latest fashion tips!

Once you are informed and inspired you will:

  • Have the perfect outfits to get you through the week!
  • Have an organized closet so you will never say “I have nothing to wear!”
  • So much confidence and compliments!
  • Buy clothing that counts and save money!
  • Save time and know exactly what to shop for!
  • Shop stress free! Finally you can enjoy the experience of shopping again!

The Seven Body Shapes

I can define 7 body shapes:

  1. Pear (A Shaped or Triangle)
  2. Apple (Circle or O shaped)
  3. Inverted Triangle (V shaped)
  4. Hourglass (X shaped)
  5. Rectangle (H shaped)
  6. Standard (Balance between a X shape, A shape and V shape)
  7. The photoshopped celebrity bodies 😉

So let’s do it! Let’s totally transform your image!


Your Shape and Height Reveals:


Your body type reveals the fabrics and styles for you!


Your bone structure reveals the best accessories for you…seriously!

Take the Personality Style Quiz!

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