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How to Dress Your Dude Up for the Holidays

How to Dress Your Dude Up for the Holidays

Everyone can find something to be thankful for during the holiday season. For some, it’s the comfort of family and friends; for others, it’s the chance to eat clean, healthy food every day. For girlfriends and wives across the world, it’s a chance to be grateful for the opportunity to improve the wardrobe of their sloppily dressed counterpart, and to do so under the guise of harmless present gifting.

We all know what it’s like showing up at a Christmas party. It’s no runway show, but secretly everyone is trying to one-up everyone else. If you’ve really taken the time to put together a great outfit, only to find on the way out the door that your dude didn’t, it can be incredibly annoying. Thankfully, this worst-case scenario is very avoidable.  If you put in some time thinking carefully about the best ways to improve your man’s outfit, he’ll not only look better when you hit the town, but he’ll be grateful to you for making him more presentable.


Here are some of the things you should consider when dressing up your dude for the holidays (and if you’re looking for a way to shop on the cheap, consider websites like RetailMeNot, which offer thousands of coupons, redeemable both online and in person at most stores).

Think About Personality

Often, the clothes people wear are a reflection of who they are or who they would like to be. People who wear really drab clothes tend to be, well, drab. If someone likes to wear really bright colors, it’s more likely that their personality is also bright, showy, or otherwise exciting.


Think about who your dude really is. Is he low key or is he the loudest one in the room? It’s important—as with any person—for them to wear clothes that make them feel comfortable. If your guy isn’t incredibly social, but he shows up at a holiday party wearing a brightly colored jacket, people are going to talk to him. Don’t put him in an uncomfortable situation by making a bad sartorial choice. On the flip side, if he does have a loud personality, don’t be afraid to push things a little bit when shopping. Holiday parties are great time for ugly Christmas sweaters for men to come out of the closet, and your dude will be grateful when you present him with a funny and comfortable party-ready item.

Fit Is Everything

There are few things more annoying or unappealing than a poor fitting article of clothing. When most people shop, they’re looking at price tags, thinking about the material of an item (which, granted, is very important), but fit seems to slip into the back of their minds. If your dude usually wears a large, don’t just assume that all large shirts are going to fit him exactly the same. They won’t.

Every guy has multiple items in their closet that he wishes he could wear, but just can’t reconcile the small issues of fit that keep it from becoming a staple. If you’re headed to a themed party, don’t send him off with something that’s too baggy or too tight, as these factors are also linked to how he feels about himself on a given night.

Consider the Details

Details push an otherwise standard outfit into something that makes everyone’s head turn. For example, if your dude is going to wear a blazer or a suit, add a pocket square. That little touch of flair, despite being so much smaller than the rest of the outfit, will probably be what people remember the most about his outfit.

How to Dress Your Dude Up For The Holidays

When women accessorize an outfit, they have a little more leeway to be extravagant and bold. Subtlety, while preferred by some, is not necessary. For most men (not all), subtlety is the way to go. Without breaking the bank, think about rings, small chains, or what kind of collar pins, tie bars, or surgeon’s buttons would work with well with his outfit. It’s going to leave him standing out from the crowd, proud of his accouterments, and happy with you for making him feel so confident.  

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