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Amy Gaska

Toronto, Ontario

All I Can Really Say Is, "NAILED IT!" From The First Store We Walked Into, The Clothing Choices You Recommended Were Exactly The Look I Was Going For. I Was Very Surprised You Were Able To Accomplish This On The First Try. I Wore One Of The Outfits And Received Several Compliments From Friends And Colleagues. I Was Shocked At How Many People Went Out Of Their Way To Complement The Outfit. I Enjoyed The Easiness The Most. I Was A Bit Nervous At First, But Your Warm And Knowledgeable Approach Really Made Me Feel At Ease.

I Also Found The Consultation To Be Very Valuable. I Learned Aspects Such As Colours, And What Cuts Fit My Body Type. I Really Noticed A Difference In My Skin Appearance When I Wore Colours Which Complimented My Skin Type. Blemishes Significantly Reduced. Without This Consultation, I Would Have Continued Wearing Colours Which Emphasized My Blemishes.

Thank You For A Great Experience!

Carmela Caruso

Pickering, Ontario

I Found The Consultation Extremely Valuable. I Only Wish I Would Have Sought Out Your Assistance Sooner. I Thought That Services Like These Were Only For Celebrities Or The Wealthy, In Fact, They Are Crucial For All Women. I Learned How To Buy Clothing And Accessories That Accentuate The Positives Of My Body Type And How To Select Colours That Will Flatter My Skin Tone. I Used To Walk Into A Store And Bought Whatever Was My Size And In My Budget. I Ended Up With Clothing In My Closet That I Never Wore Because While They Were My Size, They Did Not Look Good On Me. I Now Know How To Go To A Store And Find Garments That Wear Well On My Body, And I Can Still Do It On A Budget. In Fact, I Am Saving More Money Now Because I Know What Items I Need And What Needs To Be Left Behind. I Am Also Saving Time, As I No Longer Need To Aimlessly Wander Around The Store. I Have Clear And Easy To Follow Guidelines That Make Navigating The Mall So Much Easier.

I Also Loved Your Analysis Of My Closet! Not Only Was Your Edit Of My Closet Helpful For Practical Reasons, I Now Know What To Give Away. It Also Helped Me To Visualize What You Were Recommending. Had You Of Just Told Me What And What Not To Wear I Would Have Got Lost, But Being Able To See Your Suggestions Using What I Already Had As Examples Allowed Me To Understand Fully The Skills In Which You Were Trying To Impart To Me.

Jannat Hamid

Toronto, Ontario

The Shopping Trip Was Extremely Valuable Since It Provided Me With A New Perspective And A Better Understanding Of My Needs. Now I'm Able To Understand What Colours And Styles Suit Me, And I'm More Open To Trying New Things. I Very Much Enjoyed Your Company Cherene! It Was A Pleasure Shopping With You!

Nyree D.

Pickering, Ontario

I Give Your Image Consultation A High Rating! I Felt It Was Well Worth The Time And Money. You Took The Time, In The Beginning, To Find Out What I Was Looking For. You Listened To My Request, And You Accomplished What Was Mentioned On Your Website. I Was Really Pleased With The Clothing I Purchased.

What I Really Liked Most About Our Consultation Was You Provided Me With Your Full Attention Throughout The Three Hours That We Shopped. I Liked The Fact That As I Was Trying On Clothing, You Had Another Piece Of Clothing Ready For Me To Try On Next. You Did Not For Once Stop To Take A Break. I Really Loved The Way You Kept Looking For Clothing That You Felt Would Look Good On Me And Even When An Outfit I Tried On Did Not Suit Me You Continued To Look. I Liked That You Were Quick And Fast, Meaning We Would Go To The Store And If You Did Not Find What You Were Looking For, We Were Out. No Wasting Time.

Really Loved When We Went To Le Chateau And You Showed Me Dresses That Would Not Look Good On Me Versus The Ones That You Felt Would Look Good.

A Really Great Thing That I Loved Was Your Personality, And I Felt Comfortable As We Shopped.

The BIGGEST THING I MUST MENTION Is You Stuck To The BUDGET! That WAS AMAZING!!! I Was Sooo Happy About That!


Dian Bridge

Toronto, Ontario

Cherene's workshop was offered in a respectful, straightforward and insightful space that was as fun as it was informative. I learned so many things about colour and style that I would not have even thought about before. Very valuable. I loved all of it!

Social Worker

Toronto, Ontario

What a blessing you are!! You have a special way of talking about potentially challenging topics (such as body shape, size) that never drew attention to the person but rather the topic. Your explanations were non-judgmental and clear!  The girls were very comfortable around you and shared openly.  I was amazed at how quickly they engaged with you...they were on the edge of their seats the whole time...I was too!

Doctor Leroy Clarke

Whitby, Ontario

It is indeed a pleasure to be associated with Ms. Francis, the passion, and creativity with which she performs her craft contribute to her magnetic personality. Her outstanding rapport with young people qualifies her as an excellent mentor and image consultant.

Owen Fawcett

Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for this presentation! It was incredibly helpful, and I think it is a must for any actor or professional hoping to make it in the world.


Holly LaCroix

image consultant toronto testimonial 2

I just wanted to say how excited I was to get the personality style guides and then purchase the DIY Makeover Course and Seven Step Style Guide for such a STEAL! Wow, what a great price! I have to say, I've researched many personal stylists and how-to's and I've never been able to nail down my body shape and style until I found your website. I've found that my body shape is standard with medium bone structure and I have a mesomorph somatotype. For the first time in what feels like my entire life, I felt a comfort and confidence in taking my body measurements, and to my surprise, I actually fit in somewhere in body charts and measurements. YES!!!

Nina Scott

image consultant toronto testimonial

I've struggled all my post-puberty life, with a very irregularly shaped body; with knowing what colours, clothing, and accessories would look best on me. To make matters worse, it's been difficult for me to find clothing which fits and rings authentic for me. Going into stores; forget about it!! Have you ever felt like punching a mannequin?

Off and on, it's impacted my confidence and desire to even try. Looking fashionable for me had become an unobtainable dream, until I purchased The Seven Step Style System DIY Image Makeover Guide, with Cherene Francis, and also bought her DIY Makeover Online Video course.

I learned the do's and don'ts for MY BODY. I learned her special process, for WARDROBE DETOX and filling in the gaps.

It was also very refreshing, to have a Style Consultant, who includes ALL BODY types in her guide, with details! Hallelujah! I found Cherene's approach refreshing, as she talks about self-acceptance of body type, and gives hope that dressing beautifully is possible, no matter the challenges.

I can't speak highly enough for this program. It's been totally worth it to me, and I'm forever grateful for the gift of knowledge Cherene has given me.

Anonymous Fan

Enjoy the eBooks on All Your Deivces

Thanks so much for your online course - I feel energized and ready to get rid of my inauthentic wardrobe! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration.  I checked my email and got the 7 Step Style System Guide - which is phenomenal! Love it, love it, love it!  I really like the fact you go into detail about dealing with challenges. I am a large petite person (5'2"), strawberry figure, naturally, a 38I cup sized gal.