Outfit Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Next Interview Aura Image Consulting Outfit Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Next Interview Aura Image Consulting
What to Wear to Your Next Interview

Outfit Inspiration: What to Wear to Your Next Interview

Have a job interview coming up? Congratulations! We’re sure you’re going to nail it! But first, let’s talk about what you’re going to wear. When it comes to interviews, first impressions are everything. You want your outfit to complement your personality, not detract from it. We’ve rounded up some tips that’ll make getting ready for your next interview a breeze.

Dress pants

Invest in a nice pair of pants. Find a pair that fit perfectly and are well made. The right pants will get a lot of use, so spending a little more on a quality pair will more than pay for itself. Stick with gray, khaki, black, or navy to make them the most versatile. You can mix and match them with a variety of the next items on our list – dress shirts and blouses.


There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to blouses and dress shirts. When dressing for an interview or a professional job, you want something tailored, but not tight or revealing. Be careful of shirts that are too loose as well; it can look sloppy. Button ups, v-necks, wraps, tie-fronts, and hi-lows are all trendy right now and look great with a pair of dress pants. Choose something you’re comfortable in and that flatters you. We recommend sticking with solid colors or simple prints for interviews. You don’t want them distracted by your blouse and missing the important stuff – like what you have to offer their company.

What to Wear to Your Next Interview

What to Wear to Your Next InterviewWhat to Wear to Your Next Interview


Blazers have become increasingly popular the last few years. Worn over a cute blouse and pants or a skirt, they take your outfit up a notch. They come in a variety of styles and cuts; try some on and find the style that is most flattering for your body type. This is another piece that you may want to spend a little more on for quality. A good blazer and other staple pieces will last for years. A classic, neutral blazer is timeless and professional.


For interviews, you’ll want to choose close-toed shoes. Ballet shoes, flats, loafers and boots are all great options. If you keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral, these pointed toe leopard flats can give it a cute little pop. We love these with a black dress or pencil skirt. They also look great with dress pants and jeans – with that said, skip the jeans for the interview. Choosing a pair of shoes with a print is absolutely fine. Just make sure they don’t clash with the rest of what you’re wearing, and that they are work-appropriate.


The right bag can add polish to your outfit. To complete an interview outfit, choose a handbag that’s sophisticated and classic. Again, neutral colors give you the most versatility. Once you land the job, you’ll want to invest in a work bag with the same attributes, but bigger. You’ll need room for important papers, possibly a laptop or tablet, your lunch bag, your water bottle and other personal necessities. If you choose a neutral handbag, you can dress it up a little by tying on a cute scarf, if you’re so inclined. Embellish away! Tastefully, of course.

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The jewelry you wear to an interview is dictated by the clothes you wear. This is especially true for necklaces. If you are wearing a v-neck or scoop neck that is understated, accessorize with a chunky necklace to add interest.

If you’re wearing a cute printed blouse, let it take center stage, and add a simple chain or pendant necklace. Keep it simple if you wear a bracelet. Bangles are noisy every time you move your arm, and it’s distracting – especially if you’re a hand talker. One (quiet) bracelet is just fine.

Earrings follow the same guidelines as necklaces for the most part. If your outfit is already “busy” with a print, opt for a basic pair of earrings like studs or hoops in metallic tones. But if your outfit needs a little pop, you can get fancy with your earrings. Remember jewelry is made to enhance your outfit, not clash with it or take it over. Less is more when it comes to interviews. You don’t want your future boss too busy studying your earrings to hear what you’re saying.

With these tips, you’ll ace any interview – at least in the style department – with your clothing choices. Just make sure to practice answering interview questions beforehand and be confident. You got this!

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