Positive Body Image | How to Feed Your Mind
How to feed your mind.

Positive Body Image | How to Feed Your Mind

A positive body image will only survive on a good mental diet. Just like our bodies, our mind will become a product of whatever we feed it. Garbage in, garbage out! Below is a healthy balanced diet for your mind!


Not the latest vogue magazine with all the airbrushed models. This is 30 minutes of a personal development book or article that will help train your mind to think positive and help you develop great character traits for success. Click here to get a list of my personal favorites.


Meditate and take 10 minutes to digest your body image vision. Your vision board can be in the form of writing, collage of pictures, or both. Studies show that your mind needs to see your goal every day in order for you to make it happen.


God is right by your side and he wants you to honor your body. Pray to God about your desire and he will help you with your thinking by His spirit. Ask God to help you achieve a winning attitude.


If the people you interact with are consuming garbage, you will too. Worse, if they think speak and act negatively, I guarantee that you will too. Start to weed out the people that influence you to act or think less than you truly are. Surround yourself with life and fruitful people. You will always be the sum of your closest five people in your life.

Remember that media and culture tend to praise specific lifestyles, and body images over others. Reduce or refrain the amount of media you consume on a daily basis. In everything use wisdom and balance.

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