Post Pregnancy Body | How to Dress your Post Baby Body
How to dress your mummy tummy

Post Pregnancy Body | How to Dress your Post Baby Body Shape

My post-pregnancy body shape was totally different after pregnancy. I knew that my body would change, but I didn’t think it would be this drastic. If I was experiencing challenges dressing my body after childbirth as an image consultant, I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

Personally, I experienced deflated breasts, a flatter bottom, a muffin top above my bikini line, stretch marks and scarring from acne on my back and chest. Although I had lost all my baby weight 2 weeks after childbirth, all these changes to my body made getting dressed a hassle. Read on to learn how to dress you post-pregnancy body shape.

1. Post-Pregnancy Body Weight

I know people that have gained up to 80 lbs. during their pregnancy only to lose half the weight after giving birth. The excess weight is daunting when you go shopping a year later to discover you went from a size medium to extra-large.

For the appearance of weight-loss:

  • Don’t focus on the dress size! You just had a baby, so focus on your health.
  • Avoid fitted clothing and try flowing fabrics.
  • Experiment with casual day wear dresses that flow over your curves like a wrap dress.
  • Start implementing an exercise routine and balanced diet.

2. Large Hips

You may have lost most of your weight, but have a hard time loosing bulk around your hips.

To minimize your hips:

  • Wear dark or muted colors and prints on your pants, skirts, and bottoms.
  • Wear classic cut pants: straight cut, boot cut, trouser fit. They’ll all look great on you!

Remember that hips make a great prop for holding your baby around your waist when doing everyday tasks like shopping 🙂

3. Big Butt

I wish I had this problem.

I’m not ready for this jelly:

  • Being Bootylicious is still in. Are you sure you want to minimize it?
  • If it’s really an issue, don’t wear bottoms with obnoxious pockets or logos on the behind.
  • Black, navy and any dark colored bottoms help.
  • You can wear skinny jeans, but you’ll need to wear a long loose top over it.

4. Mummy Tummy


This post pregnancy body challenge is due to excess skin and all the stretching during pregnancy. I’ve heard of cases where this can be permanent, especially if you’ve had a C-section.

Tummy Tuck without the Knife:

  • Tell your husband to stop calling you “muffin.” With all the hormone changes, you may take this for “muffin top” and start crying (speaking from my experience).
  • Learn how to hide your mummy tummy.

5. Deflated Balloons…I mean Boobs

Ha-ha! So, I’m really suffering from this one. Right after pregnancy, they were engorged and looked like breast implants. Then a couple months later – BOOM! They just popped and looked like empty milk sacks! When people told me this would happen, I would always be like “Nah, not me! I’m skinny, so it won’t happen to me.” Trust me. I know now.

For an instant push up:

  • Breast augmentation? Not really my thing.
  • Invest in a custom-made bra. They work wonders.

6. Post Pregnancy Body Stretch Marks

This is another thing that I thought I wouldn’t get as a skinny girl. Ha! Wrong.  Mine developed literally the day before I delivered.

Fade Away Stretch Marks:

  • Avoid belly tops, booty shorts, and low necklines.
  • Use a high-quality cream or lotion to help with the skins elasticity.

7. Melasma – Baby Mask

Some people develop dark spots and patches on their face. For most, it will fade away, but for a few lucky women, it can be permanent.

Cover up Melasma:

  • Now you don’t have to tattoo your baby’s name on your arm because you have one on your face! Okay…maybe that’s not funny.
  • Invest in a great concealer and foundation.
  • Use a safe lightening cream.

8. Big Feet

I thought my feet swelling would go down to my original size. I was once a size US 8.5 – 9 and now I’m a size 10.

Hide Big Feet:

  • Don’t bring attention to your feet by wearing solid neutral colors.
  • Wear shoes the same color of your skin.
  • Wear heels with an arch.  I know you’re used to wearing flats, but it gives the illusion of a smaller foot.

9. Flat butt

Here we go again! Before pregnancy we just blow up like a balloon then everything just deflates! Seriously. Where’d my butt go?

Butt Booster:

  • Wear large pockets on your behind.
  • Loose fitted pants can also help to add some bulk.
  • Wear short to medium long  skirts with pleating and extra layers

10. Large Breasts

Trust me. If yours didn’t deflate yet just give it a little more time.

Breast Minimizer:

  • Avoid too much fuss around your upper body, such as ruffles and puffed shoulders or any tops with lots of details around your bust.
  • To balance your body, wear classic tops with a v-neckline.
  • Invest in a custom made bra.

Don’t get hung up on your post-pregnancy body shape. The important thing to remember is that your body just went through a traumatic experience of creating a human being. Be happy with your body and use these tips to look and feel better.


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