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Rectangle Body Shape Guide

Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangle body shape, also know as the “H Shape” or the straight body shape, is defined by having shoulders, a waistline and hips that are all the same width. If you are unsure whether you’re a rectangle shape, visit our body shape calculator.


Key Characteristics:

  • You have an athletic looking body
  • Sometimes you feel like a boy in your body


Don’t try to be or dress like something your not. Some stylists will insist that you try to conform or shape your body to look like an hourglass.  However, your goal should be to compliment your beautiful body as it is. The aim is to feel most comfortable in your clothing and wear pieces that are in harmony with your rectangle body shape.


Because you have little to no waistline, I would look for styles that have an undefined waist and are less fitted. If you have a little bit of a waistline then you can add a loose or narrow belt to add a little emphasis, but if not then I would avoid trying to define a waist. Items with details closer to your face and shoulders will also compliment your body shape. To prevent the appearance of a short torso, be sure to wear all your tops and over pieces below the waist.

rectangle body shape blazers

rectangle body shape tops

Look For:

  • High necklines
  • Tops that are loose around the waist
  • Boxy Jackets
  • Rectangular Shaped Coats


You have great legs so don’t overpower them by wearing pleated, ruffled or poofy bottoms. Let your legs speak for themselves by wearing simple cuts like straight skirts or pants. Skinnies and tights are your best friend!

rectangle body shape pants

Try Wearing:

  • Skinny Jeans
  • Tights and leggings paired with long tops
  • Straight leg pants
  • Pretty much any pants that are tailored to your body
  • Straight skirts

What to Avoid:

  • Wide legged or flared bottoms
  • Anything Baggy


rectangle body shape dresses

Again the goal is to just be in harmony with your body. You will notice the silhouettes below are rectangular like your body. They don’t hug your waist cause you don’t really have one (which is cool), and they follow the natural lines in your figure. Your body will thank you!

Wear what you are…a rectangle. Look for styles that mimic your body silhouette.

Once you know how to dress your rectangle body shape, now you can get some inspiration when putting your outfit together or shopping for your wardrobe!


Rectangle Body Shape Outfit


Rectangle Body shape Outfit 2 (2)


Rectangle Body Shape Outfit 3

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