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Seven Steps to Dress for Success


Did you know that your image could help you promote faster and make more money? It can also help you in your search for love and new relationships. Don’t get it twisted – your image is the key to opening a lot of opportunities! Here are seven vital steps to dress for success in life.

1. Wear the Colors that Suit you best

When you wear your colors, your image is instantly lifted. You will actually look more credible as your clothing will be in harmony with you natural characteristics. You will also benefit from having the look of diminished blemishes, wrinkles, dark under eye circles and the look of weight loss. The opposite is true when you are not wearing your colors. You will look tired, sickly, and all your imperfections will be highlighted.

2. Wear the Styles that Suit Your Body Shape

You will look more sophisticated and attractive if your clothing is fitly tailored to your body shape. When you are wearing the correct styles, you will camouflage problem areas and enhance your assets.

3. Learn how to deal with your challenges

We may look at weight gain as a challenge and postpone our shopping trip until we lose all the weight. You can actually wear clothing to create an illusion. This goes with any other challenge whether your bust is large and difficult to fit, or you are petite and want to add more height. Learn how to work with your body just the way it is and save the dieting and weight control remedies for purposes of health and wellness.

4. Dress with a distinctive personality style

Instead of aimlessly going to the mall looking for something that catches your eye, go with a plan. Ask yourself, “how do I want to look.” Whether it’s dramatic or feminine, define what you want to communicate with your clothing and keep this theme consistent in your wardrobe. It will make dressing easier since everything will coordinate together. It will also help you maintain an effective brand image. Click here to take our free personality style assessment!

5. Follow a Dress Code

Be sure you know what your company’s dress code requires you to wear. If you are a business owner or sole proprietor, dress to match the formality of your clients.

6. Complete a regular wardrobe detox

Biannually at the two major seasonal changes, spring/summer and fall/winter, detox your wardrobe and remove all the clutter that doesn’t support your image. Reassess what you have and look for gaps in your wardrobe. Donate or trash what you won’t use. Dry clean and repair pieces as required.

7. Make a Shopping list within your budget

Using the list of missing items you made from your wardrobe detox, begin to compile a shopping list incorporating your dress code, personality style, body shape and colors. This will take some time, but you will need to go the mall with a plan, so that your result is a wardrobe that works! Your annual wardrobe budget should be 3% to 5% of your salary and can be up to 10% depending on your formality level. Spend half of that budget for the warm season and the other half for the cooler months. Learn more about personal shopping.

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