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Spring Fashion Tips for a Cold Toronto


spring fashion tips


Now that it feels a little more like Spring in Toronto, here are some fashion tips to get your wardrobe refreshed for the new season! [ss_one_half] Spring Fashion Tips - Full Skirts[/ss_one_half] [ss_one_half_end]

Full Skirts

The most versatile piece that will take you from Spring to Summer. Make an investment in this piece as I can imagine it will be super comfortable and easy to throw on for work, evening dates, and those busy Saturdays with your kids. Get a multicolored skirt so you can mix and match it with several other items in your closet.[/ss_one_half_end][ss_one_half]

personal shopping

Found this cute orange clutch during a personal shopping trip at ALDO Accessories, Scarborough Town Centre!

[/ss_one_half] [ss_one_half_end]

Orange Accessories

So apparently, “orange is the new black.” I don’t agree, but that’s the trend this year! The majority of the population looks horrendous when orange is held up to their face. Unless your colors are from the spring or fall palette, my advice is to skip the orange blouse and integrate it in your accessories if you really want to follow the trend.[/ss_one_half_end] [ss_one_half] Spring Fashion Tips - Sheer and Mesh[/ss_one_half] [ss_one_half_end]

Sheer & Mesh

Mesh or sheer pieces are in style this spring. If you’re more romantic, chic or classy, go for sheer. If you want to be bold, creative or bohemian, try the mesh. Get this trend as an over piece, such as a cardigan or a bolero. While the weather is still cool, layer it over a contrasting long sleeve shirt. Use it later on to wear over a cute blouse, tops and tanks.[/ss_one_half_end][ss_one_half] Geometric Print Fashion Tips[/ss_one_half][ss_one_half_end]

Geometrical Prints

Geometrical prints can throw off your look if you’re not wearing it to suit your body. Buy prints in proportion to your body type. For example, if you are full bodied, wear a Geo print that is small scale. If you are slim, wear a large scale Geo print. Experiment with this one. Try it as a cute vintage dress.[/ss_one_half_end] [ss_one_half]Fashion Tips for Spring Pastel[/ss_one_half][ss_one_half_end]

Pastel Scarves

It’s still cold in Toronto, so you’re probably wearing winter cardigans and the like. Keep warm, but update your look with a pastel scarf from your seasonal color palette.

Here are my fashion tips as per your specific color palette:

If you’re a…

  • Winter try lavender
  • Summer try pale blue
  • Spring try light coral
  • Fall try pale yellow

If you don’t know you seasonal palette, click here to find out what colors suit you best or get a Free Color Analysis with any purchase of makeup![/ss_one_half_end]

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