Wardrobe Organization for the Unorganized
Wardrobe organization for the unorganized.

Wardrobe Organization for the Unorganized

Role up your sleeves to do some simple but thorough wardrobe organization. Finally you can clean your closet, organize your clothing and always have something to wear! Did I mention that you will “ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO WEAR!”

There are 4 steps to wardrobe organization:

  1. Remove: Trash or Donate.
  2. Reuse: Alterations and storage.
  3. Restore: Fill in the gaps.
  4. Regroup: Organizing for maximum efficiency.

1. Remove: Trash or Donate

  • Everything that doesn’t fit or is unflattering, unless it’s in good condition and can be altered
  • Everything that is not in your best color
  • Everything that is out dated
  • Everything that is worn out
  • Everything that hasn’t been worn for over 1 year
  • Everything that doesn’t make you feel great or comfortable
  • Everything that doesn’t improve or support your image

These pieces are guilty of taking up needed space and should be donated, altered, or tossed. Make three piles each labelled to its destination and separate as needed.

2. Reuse: Storage and Alterations

Take all items to the seamstress for alterations and just get it all done. Don’t put it off or you’ll forget and  be back at square one.

Remove all items that are out of season and store them. For example if you are doing your wardrobe organization for the warm weather, remove all heavy fall/winter items.

Storing Clothing:

  • Sweaters and heavy knit items should be neatly folded into storage bins to keep them from stretching out.
  • Place a scented fabric sheet and/or mothballs to keep them fresh and ready for next cool season.
  • Prolong the life of your clothing by leaving “breathing room” for your items and never jam them into any storage space.

3. Restore: Fill in the Gaps aka Shopping! Yea!

Once you have cleared your closet space, create a plan and a shopping list with the capsule wardrobe strategy. Once you make a list of what you need, head to the mall and fill in the gaps.

4. Regroup: Wardrobe Organizing for maximum efficiency

  • Organize by style (short sleeve to long sleeve and skirts to shorts to pants).
  • Organize each style by color.
  • Never use wired hangers.
  • Knits and sweaters should be folded onto shelves or in drawers to keep its shape.
  • Hang scarves, belts and ties.
  • Neatly store Jewelry.
  • Place shoes neatly spaced out on the floor and do not pile them on top of each other! LOL


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