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Your Guide to what to wear on a date?

What to Wear on a Date

Your Guide to what to wear on a date?

Did you spend the last hour scrolling through fashion blogs to find something to wear on a date? Well you’re in luck because this isn’t your typical post. I’m not about template outfits. They are too generic. You need to express your authentic self on a date because who wouldn’t want to love you! Well, take a nice long sigh of relief because this is your perfect guide to looking amazing on any date!

First Things First

Your Guide to what to wear on a date? have browsed through a whole bunch of garbage online and noticed a growing trend that advises sensible women like us to “play it safe,” “stay away from flashy accessories,” and “be anything but yourself!” Geesh! I give you permission to click the thumbs down buttons on those.

Let’s be clear. The point of dating someone is not to impress them. The goal is to introduce yourself or give them another healthy dose of your amazingness! Whether it’s your husband of 20 years or a new handsome photo from an online dating site, you’re meeting with that special someone to let them get to know you. So when you go through the steps below, please don’t try to be or dress like someone else. Be yourself.

Let’s get started!

Wear the Most Attractive Colors

Your Guide to what to wear on a date? you ask yourself what to wear on a date, you should find out your most beautiful colors.  Find out your coloring and wear the colors that naturally makes you stand out and look beautiful. When you wear your colors, you’ll have that natural glow, which will help you look more attractive.

Wear Your Personality on Your Sleeve

Your Guide to what to wear on a date? find so many of us have difficulty expressing ourselves through clothing, hence the reason for not knowing what to wear on a date. You need to define yourself and what you want to look like. Your style is simply your life story illustrated through fashion. My best tip is to wear the styles you love to wear. If you aren’t one to dress in frills and polka dots, then don’t. When you’re on a date, you want to set the expectation for how you will always look (hopefully). It can be very misleading for you to dress classic and sophisticated, and then when you finally tie the knot, you dress like a punk rocker. Be real with yourself and allow your date to fall in love with your authentic image.

I have created Pinterest boards that feature looks showing you what to wear on a date based on your personality style. Once you have already taken the style assessment, take a look at my Pinterest boards. You can click through on the items you love.

The Default

If you are unsure what to look for in an outfit, or you feel you’re not creative enough to think something through, you can also visit my Pinterest profile where you will see a lot of different outfit collections. You will find that I organize them based on color and personality style. There are also collections based on your body shape and dress code.

Here is my favorite board for date night outfits:

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