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What are your best colours?

What Colors Suit Me?

Are you wearing your best colors? If not, you’re truly missing out on the power of color. Your best colors will give you a “wow” factor! They bring out your natural characteristics, minimize blemishes and create an overall balance.

Your coloring is based on the colors in your blood that show through your skin. This is called your undertone.  Your blood is made up of primary colors:

  • Hemoglobin is red
  • Melanin is blue
  • Carotene is yellow

Depending on the mixture in your blood, you get a specific coloring from the seasonal color palettes:

  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer.

Each season has its own distinctive qualities:

  • Shade: dark or light
  • Undertone: cool/blue based or warm/yellow based
  • Intensity: (bright or muted/dull).

I recommend you get a professional to do your color analysis, but if you have a good eye for color, you can attempt to find your palette below.





Features: You may have golden speckles in eyes or a golden hint of colour in your skin tone. Colours are deep and earthy. Think about the leaves in the fall when they change colour and rustic themes.

Shade: Dark

Undertone: Warm

Intensity: Muted,dull

Best Colours: Off White, Browns, Taupe, Blood Red, Orange-Red, Orange, Mustard, Deep Yellow, Evergreen, Plum

Celebrity examples: 
Jennifer Lopez, 
Jessica Alba
, Tyra Banks

Click here to see more examples.


Winter colour palette

Features: Personal features are usually dark

  • Black or dark brown hair
  • Dark eyes or skin
  • The majority of Asian, Black and Indian cultures have color characteristics that fall into this category
  • Think dramatic and bold colors.

Shade: Dark

Undertone: Cool

Intensity: Bright

Best Colors: Pure White, Black, Grey, True Red, Purple, Lilac, Soft Pink, Magenta, Sky Blue, Indigo

Celebrity examples: Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Lucy Liu

Click here to see more examples.


Spring Colour Palette


Features: Personal features are usually light.

  • Golden Blonde or Golden brown hair
  • Icy blue or intense grey eyes
  • Peachy pink skin
  • Think fresh and peachy

Shade: Light

Undertone: Warm

Intensity: Bright

Best Colors: Off White, Browns, Taupe, Orange, Yellow, Peach, Peachy pink, green apple, lilac, sky blue, soft pink

Celebrity examples: Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Hudson

Click here to see more examples.


Summer Colour Palette


Features: Personal features are usually more pale or muted.

  • Black or Ash brown hair
  • Pale or very white skin
  • Think faded, muted, grey and soft

Shade: Light

Undertone: Cool

Intensity: Muted

Best Colors: Pure White, Greys, Blues, Soft Pinks, Lilac

Celebrity examples: Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera

Click here to see more examples.

I recommend only wearing your colors, but in the case where you have to break the rules, I suggest wearing your best colors at least around your face.

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