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What Style Suits You Best?

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    Are you Dramatic, Sporty, Natural, Classic, Creative or Romantic?
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    Where you should shop based on your personality?
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    Easy examples of outfits for work and weekends.
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    The prints, patterns, and fabrics that enhance your features.
Cherene Francis

About Aura Image Consulting

Cherene Francis shows women how to look stylish and feel confident through her image consulting resources at Aura Image Consulting. As an #1 international bestselling author and international speaker, she has helped many career and business women own their unique beauty and sense of self-worth. Cherene is an entrepreneur, media personality and business leader with formal education and experience in personal branding, image, presentation, and communication. She is also an Internationally Board Designated NLP Coach,  Hypnosis Trainer, and Christian Minister.

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