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How Personal Style Will Help You Reach Goals Faster

  Your personal style is holding you back from achieving your goals! Find out how changing your look can get you to your dreams faster! “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it” – Edith Head, Famous Hollywood Costume Designer This is so true! So many studies about personal style prove […]

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How to Look Powerful for Work and Dress Like a Boss Lady

  Hey ladies, Are you taken seriously in business? I’m a petite little lady and I often get mistaken for looking 10 years younger than my actual age. It’s flattering sometimes, but as a businesswoman, I want to look like I know my stuff. I wrote a blog post for Lioness Women’s Club on how to look […]

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Decoding Dress Codes

Is your company’s dress code confusing? What exactly does business casual or semi-formal mean anyway? Follow the chart to help you dress for any occasion. Note: Be sure to check  your company’s dress code policy. If you are a business owner or sole proprietor, dress to match the formality level of your clients. For example, if your […]

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What is Business Casual for Women?

What is business casual for women and what does it look like? There are many interpretations of this dress code. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but hopefully these guidelines will give you a better idea. Most companies will have this outlined for you, so if you are unsure check with your human […]

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The Best Colors to Wear if you Work in Sales

There is no doubt that color plays a powerful role in the sales process. Designers and marketers alike know that color has the ability to create a mood, provoke emotion and even inspire one to take action. Every color carries and reflects its own energy, so it can definitely help you increase sales! Color is […]

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Business Attire for Women – How to Dress Professional

What is professional business attire for women? If you want to improve your image for work or business, here is some advice for creating your professional look. BUSINESS ATTIRE FOR WOMEN: GENERAL TIPS Suiting is best for professional business attire. Your suit and jacket don’t have to match. Break up your suiting pieces, and coordinate […]

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woman in the office with healthy lunch

Fuel Your Busy Day with Tips for Keeping your Nutrition on Track

Personal image and self-mastery has everything to do with pampering yourself, looking good, feeling good, and of course, nourishing your body. As a busy mom, I know what it’s like to juggle work, the babies and everything in between. Don’t deplete yourself…or worse, don’t fuel your body with junk! If you expect to be optimal for […]

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Mind and Body Breakthrough with Cherene Francis for Mindset Transormation

Hypnosis for Personal Transformation

Do you battle with negative thinking and emotions on a regular basis? Hypnosis is one of the techniques I use in success coaching for women in business. A lot of my clients come to me with negative emotions that are contributing to their overall problem. These emotions are a large part of the reason why they are […]

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Buying Clothes While Losing Weight

Buying clothes while losing weight is a challenge, especially if you’re planning on losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. As an image consultant, I witness a lot of my clients revamp their entire image by losing weight and firming their bodies, while trying to recreate their style. The main […]

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The Art of Packing Light

The Art of Packing Light & Lovely – Three Steps to a Fabulous Vacation Wardrobe

Lighten you load and save on luggage fees by creating a wardrobe capsule! Find out how you can take only six pieces of clothing and turn it into six outfits! Just enough to get you through a full week’s vacation. This blog post is featured over at Check out Cherene’s featured blog post over […]

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Your Guide to what to wear on a date?

What to Wear on a Date

Did you spend the last hour scrolling through fashion blogs to find something to wear on a date? Well you’re in luck because this isn’t your typical post. I’m not about template outfits. They are too generic. You need to express your authentic self on a date because who wouldn’t want to love you! Well, take a […]

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