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Corporate attire for women. How to dress corporate.

Corporate Dress Code | How to Dress with Corporate Attire

Corporate Attire for Women: General Tips Overall look is classic and simple A full coordinating suit is best for the corporate dress code. Your pants, skirt and blazer should be the same color and make. Do not mix and match suiting pieces. A suit and blouse is not enough. Be sure to incorporate coordinating accessories […]

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Pear shape body.

Get Your Body Shape Style Guide – Pick Your Shape and Dress Your Best

  To make things easier for you ladies, I have provided a link to each body shape style guide. If  you’re unsure what body shape you are, go to the body shape calculator to determine your silhouette. Even if you think you know your shape, I recommend you take the measurements so you know for […]

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How to be your own personal shopper.

How to Be Your Own Personal Shopper

In this post I will show you how to be your own personal shopper for your image. Crazy? Yes, I know. Shopping is actually the last step in my seven step image consulting process. I would recommend doing the first 6 steps before you purchase anything. You can get all the steps here. If you are […]

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How to dress your body shape.

How to Dress my Body Shape – Know your Best Style

Learn how to dress your body shape with clothes that flatter. It’s all about knowing how to live with your problem areas and praise your assets! Use this guide to help you go shopping and refresh your wardrobe. When dressing for your body shape you can use clothes and accessories to enhance or camouflage certain areas […]

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How to train you thoughts.


Feeling great in your own skin and having a positive body image takes work! Did you know 44% of women will have negative feelings about their body. In order to stay positive you need to train your thoughts. Follow these five simple steps: 1. ACKNOWLEDGMENT When a negative thought about your body or self-image comes […]

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Fall Trends

Fall Trends for your Body Shape

Do trends really matter? Here at Aura Image Consulting Toronto, we believe trends shouldn’t be the focus. You should dress to your unique body shape, personality and lifestyle.  However, when it fits well into your context, wearing a new trend or two can be flattering! In response to some of the top trends featured on […]

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How to dress your body shape challenges

Conceal and Camouflage: Dressing your Body Shape Challenges

Did you know you can create an illusion with clothing? You can conceal and camouflage whatever you want! Save the dieting and weight control remedies for health and wellness purposes, and learn how to work with your body just the way it is. The key in hiding any body shape challenge is to put dark […]

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Standard body shape dressing guide

The Standard Body Shape

As the International Image Institute in Toronto, Canada describes it, this body is well proportioned. Meaning no one part of the body, hips, waist bust or shoulders is wider or more narrower in comparison to the rest of the body. I don’t mean anything judgemental by saying “standard” body shape.  No judgement, but just the reality. […]

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The V-Shaped Body

If you have a v-shaped body, also know as a strawberry or inverted triangle, your upper body is larger in proportion to your lower body. When measuring your body, your shoulders and bust width is significantly wider than your hip width. To know for sure if you have V shape use the body shape calculator. The most alluring aspect of […]

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hourglass Body shape dressing guide

Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass body shape, your shoulders and your hips are the same width and your waist is significantly smaller in proportion to both your shoulders and hips. To find out for sure, visit our body shape calculator. You may find it difficult to find the perfect fit for your distinctive curves. When […]

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