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Pear body shape guide to dressing.

Clothes for Pear Shaped Body

This is an easy guide that will help you do your shopping for your Pear Shaped Body! It’s a visual summary of what you should look for in your tops, bottoms, dresses, blazers and coats. Simply assemble a similar look with 7 pieces to get 7 outfits for the week. There’s a explanation below so you know the logic behind the outfits.


The most flattering tops for you are the ones with lots of details at the top around your shoulder, neck and face. You look amazing in ruffles, puffed sleeves and anything extravagant on top! Watch out for tops that are too fitted at the waist. If you wear a top that is too fitted at the waist you will bring attention to the significant difference between your narrow waist and wide hips, making your hips look bigger than they actually are. Also look for tops that stop below your belly button, but sit above your hips. Never get a top that stops at your hips!

Pear body shape tops


I can imagine how difficult it is to find pants that flatter your curvy bottom. In a lot of cases you may have to go up one size in your pants to fit your hips, bottom and thighs and then go to the tailor to get the waist taken in. Be very particular with the pants you choose. You shouldn’t have any extra bulging or material hanging around your crotch or you’ll just make things look worse.

My suggestion is to wear pants that are classic cut trousers, or straight legs. Avoid wearing skinny jeans, legs or tights. Although the style is to wear tights with tunics, I don’t recommend this for your pear shape because the tunic length usually stops at the hips and it will give the illusion of wider hips. Look for colours that are more muted, dark with little to no print.

Pear body shape pants

For skirts my advice is similar. Choose colours and patterns that are very subtle and look for straight cut skirts. Avoid pleats, flares, ballooning, large pockets, distressed washes or anything that adds extra details around your hips.

Pear body shape skirts



When choosing your dresses all you have to do is combine the guidelines for tops and bottoms. The dress should have lots of fun colours, prints and/or details in the upper body and the bottom should be more quiet with subtle colours, basic cuts and little to no details.

Pear body shape dresses


Blazers are a staple item for you! Invest in quality blazers to finish off your outfits. Look for blazers that aren’t too tailored at the waist. Why? Because it will play up the significant difference between your tiny waist and your wide hips. A classic Chanel cut blazer is very stylish for you! Make sure the blazer stops above the hips and never at the hips.

For coats you can be more lenient. A trench coat that belts at the waist is fine as long as it covers your hips and is a longer jacket. I would opt for styles that are less fitted at the waist. Look for extravagant collars and sleeves for fun!

Pear body shape blazers

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