Conceal and Camouflage: Dressing your Body Shape Challenges
How to dress your body shape challenges

Conceal and Camouflage: Dressing your Body Shape Challenges

Did you know you can create an illusion with clothing? You can conceal and camouflage whatever you want! Save the dieting and weight control remedies for health and wellness purposes, and learn how to work with your body just the way it is.

The key in hiding any body shape challenge is to put dark colors and clothing with no details in the area you are trying to hide. Do not put any bright colors, prints, patterns and embellishments in the areas you are trying to hide.

How to Hide Weight Gain

For the appearance of weight loss:

  • Avoid fitted clothing and try flowing fabrics.
  • Experiment with more casual or daywear dresses that flow over your curves.
  • Wear darker colors where there is weight gain.

How to Hide Large Hips

To minimize your hips:

  • Wear dark or muted colors and prints in your pants, skirts and bottoms.
  • Wear classic cut pants! Straight cut! Boot cut! Trouser fit! They’ll all look great on you!

How to Hide a Big Butt

Being bootylicious is still in! Are you sure you want to minimize it? If your not ready for this jelly:

  • Don’t wear bottoms with obnoxious pockets or logos on the behind.
  • Black, navy and any dark colored bottoms help.
  • Avoid Skinny Jeans. Or you can wear skinny jeans, but you’ll need to wear a long loose fitted top over it.

How to Hide a Flabby Tummy

Tummy Tuck without the Knife:

  • There are five really good tops for concealing a flabby or mummy tummy: Empire Waits, T-shirt blouse, Rouched Torso, Balloon Top or kaftan. Read the full details here.
  • Tummy shapers will also help to smooth you out. The difference is actually life changing!

How to Hide Saggy Boobs

For an instant push up:

  • Invest a good $100 or more in a custom made bra. That’s the only alternative to surgery and working out.

How to Hide Big Feet

To Hide Big Feet:

  • Don’t bring attention to your feet if you don’t like them by wearing only solid neutral colors.
  • Wear shoes the same color of your skin.
  • Wear heels with an arch. It gives the illusion of a smaller foot.

How to Hide a Flat butt

Butt Booster:

  • Wear large back  pockets.
  • Looser fitted pants can also help to add some bulk.
  • Wear short to medium long skirts with pleating and extra layers.

How to Hide Large Breasts

To minimize breasts:

  • Avoid too much fuss around your upper body, such as ruffles and puffed shoulders or any tops with lots of details.
  • To balance your body, wear classic tops with a v-neckline.
  • Invest in custom-made bra…it’s worth it! It will make all your clothes fit much better!

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