Corporate attire for women. How to dress corporate.

Corporate Dress Code | How to Dress with Corporate Attire

Corporate Attire for Women: General Tips

  • Overall look is classic and simple
  • A full coordinating suit is best for the corporate dress code.
  • Your pants, skirt and blazer should be the same color and make. Do not mix and match suiting pieces.
  • A suit and blouse is not enough. Be sure to incorporate coordinating accessories for a complete look.

Corporate dress code guidelines.

 Corporate Dress Code Occasions

  • Work
  • Business
  • Honorary Funeral for a soldier, politician and people with public distinction

Blazers and Over Pieces

  • Classic, tailored or structured styles
  • Made of any smooth or slightly textured material except for denim or knits
  • Solid black, grey or navy colors
  • Minimal thin pin stripe are accepted in some areas


  • Shirt is white or pastel
  • Classic collard shirt
  • Neckline at least 2” from the base of neck
  • Choose solid colors with little to no print

Skirts and Pants

  • Classic, tailored or structured styles
  • Pant or skirt suit is appropriate although some companies require women to only wear skirts
  • Made of any smooth or textured material except for denim or knits
  • Solid black, grey or navy colors
  • Minimal thin Pin stripe are accept in some areas


  • Shoes are classic leather pumps, kitten heels or a 1-inch block heel



  • Neutral colored eye glass frames


  • Consider classic styles over creative bags
  • Made of leather
  • Neutral or conservative color
  • Choose solid colors or a small scale pattern


  • Classic and simple gold,  silver, platinum or pearl jewelry


  • Hosiery is required
  • Choose neutral tones, flesh tones, sheer or opaque

Hair, Nails and Makeup

  • Grooming is classic, simple and natural looking
  • Natural makeup shades are best: pinks, peaches, reds and plums
  • Avoid  bright shades in yellow, orange and green
  • Hair is worn at or above the shoulders or in a ponytail or bun
  • Nails manicured with clear or nude nail polish
  • Try to be more classic than creative

What to Avoid When Wearing Corporate Business Attire

  • Too much glitter, curls, bright colors or bold prints.
  • Denim is not acceptable corporate attire. Try tweed instead.
  • Clothes that are too trendy or fashion forward. They are distracting to your employees and/or clients.
  • Skirts that are too short and necklines that are too low.
  • Tops and bottoms that are too tight.
  • Platform shoes or heels more than 3 inches high.
  • Avoid hairstyles with excessive curling or molding

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