Be Your Own Personal Shopper
How to be your own personal shopper.

How to Be Your Own Personal Shopper

In this post I will show you how to be your own personal shopper for your image. Crazy? Yes, I know.

Shopping is actually the last step in my seven step image consulting process. I would recommend doing the first 6 steps before you purchase anything. You can get all the steps here.

If you are finished all the steps and have your shopping list in hand, you’re ready to go shopping!

There are 3 steps to shopping like a personal shopper:

1. Determine your Budget

Your annual clothing investment should range anywhere between %3 to %10. If you’re lifestyle is more formal, aim for %10. If it’s more casual then it can be less. Remember, this range includes all clothing, shoes, accessories and outwear, and should be split between cool weather (fall/winter) and warm weather (spring/summer). Also, remember that fall/winter clothing is more costly than spring/summer clothing.

Here’s an example breakdown

Annual Salary: $60,000

Budget is %5 of salary

$60,000 x %5 = $3000

Assign $2000 to fall/winter months and $1000 to spring/summer months

2. Create your budget

Now that you know your total investment, divide  the cost up among all the items you need.

Example Breakdown for Fall/Winter

  • Coat $400
  • Blazer $300
  • 2 Bottoms $300
  • 3 Tops $225
  • Shoes $200
  • Tote $100
  • Watch $100
  • Bracelet $50
  • Necklace $50
  • Earrings $50
  • Scarf $30
  • Gloves $45
  • Alterations $150

Total Cost $2000

Notice that my list only includes a few pieces at higher price points rather than more items at low price points. The logic behind this is:

1. Higher quality items which are higher priced last longer, therefore giving you more for your money.

For example, it’s better to buy a pants for $150 that you  can wear 200 times as opposed to buying a pants at $75 that you can only wear 50 times. Do the math.

Higher quality pant: $150/200 = $0.75 per wear

Lower quality pant: $75/50 = $1.50 per wear

2.  When you dress cheap you look cheap.

Even if you can’t see it, the difference between a low-quality/ low-end item is noticeable, and if you’re serious about changing your image, I wouldn’t skip this aspect.

3.  Go Shopping

  • Go to stores that offer the best quality for your money.
  • Don’t worry too much about perfect fit. Unless it is custom made, it will be hard to find something that fits perfectly. That’s why it’s important to allocate some money for alterations.
  • You can go to outlet malls and buy whatever size they have and then get everything altered after. If you do it this way, you can get high priced items for as much as %75 off. Use all the extra savings to tailor your clothes. I had a size 4 client that bought a size 7 suit. She tailored it all the way down and still got it at an extremely great price. Here’s the math:

2 Piece Suit Original Price $500

Buy the suit mismatched and too big at %75 off for $125

Cost of alterations $100

Total cost of 2 piece suit after discount and alterations



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