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How to dress a petite body shape.

Dressing Your Petite Body

Do you have challenges dressing your petite body? Image Consultant Toronto shares some fashion tips below:

If you have a petite body, you are less than 5’4″ or 163 cm. Nothing is right or wrong with being a petite woman, however, you may have challenges with dressing or getting your look just right. Follow these simple guidelines to help you dress for a balanced height.

Important: These tips should be taken into consideration over your body shape dressing tips. If you find that this advice contradicts the advice in your body shape category, choose this advice over the other.


Dress Monochromatic with your tops and bottoms. For example, your top may be light blue and your pant dark blue. This will help keep a uniformed flow from head to toe.  Avoid dressing with contrasting colors when possible as the colors will cut you in half making you even more shorter (i.e. white top and black bottoms). A classic monochromatic look is wearing a black top with black bottoms.


Look for things that are shorter and narrower.
For example, choose:

  • Cropped or short jackets over long jackets
  • Straight leg pants over wide leg pants
  • Short skirts over long skirts

This is a good example of a shorter jacket hem. This jacket stops just a little below the waist. Anything to long by the hips will make you look shorter.


Look for smaller styles in proportion to your small figure. For example choose:

  • Small to medium purses and forget the large and over-sized bags
  • Thin belts over thick belts

A tasteful messenger bag is stylish and perfect for a petite figure like yours!



Prints that go in vertical directions are way better than horizontal prints that will make you look wider and even more shorter.
This cute tunic paired with tights and wedges will definitely add some height!

The main idea is to dress in proportion to what your body is already saying. If your short and small, dress with short and small items. Your body is telling a story, and your job is to simply draw the matching pictures.

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