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Makeover Your Closet with Clothes You Love

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Do you have a lot of clothing in your closet that you hardly wear?

Every woman I know has been there. Done that! 

You're not alone.

This workbook will help you de-clutter your wardrobe and shop for clothing you love!

Stop letting your image get in the way of your career and relationship success.

Your image should reflect your unique skills, talents, and inner beauty.

If you want to look more professional, attractive and stylish this ebook is for you.

If you want to attract new relationships and quality opportunities into your life, this is for you.

Implement the Seven Step Style System to create a distinct image that will help you make leave a great impression.

This book will guide you step by step through the image transformation process that will change your look and life.

Get The Seven Step Style System

Seven Step Style System Workbook
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    Find the best color palette for your skin tone and features with the Color Analysis Quiz.
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    Determine your body shape and clothing that will enhance your body shape.
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    Show you how to organize your closet by creating wardrobe capsules. 
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    Includes Printable Worksheets.
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    Templates to help you plan a wardrobe that works.
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    Checklists to help you plan your clothing shopping list.

Look What's INSIDE!

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Color Analysis Quiz
Inside the Seven Step Style System eBook
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    Color Analysis Quiz
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    Body Shape Calculator
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    Collage Examples
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    Printable Worksheets.
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Now You Can Look Stylish and Feel Confident:

Capsule Wardrobe Example
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    Only wear what makes you look professional, stylish, and attractive.
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    Stand out from the crowd with your unique style and stop blending in.
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    Get noticed for who you really are and everything you truly have to offer.

Look What Other Women are Saying

Nina Scott

"I've struggled all my post-puberty life, with a very irregularly shaped body; with knowing what colours, clothing, and accessories would look best on me. To make matters worse, it's been difficult for me to find clothing which fits and rings authentic for me. Going into stores; forget about it!! Have you ever felt like punching a mannequin?

Off and on, it's impacted my confidence and desire to even try. Looking fashionable for me had become an unobtainable dream, until I purchased The Seven Step Style System DIY Image Makeover Guide, with Cherene Francis, and also bought her DIY Makeover Online Video course.

I learned the do's and don'ts for MY BODY. I learned her special process, for WARDROBE DETOX and filling in the gaps.

It was also very refreshing, to have an Image Consultant and life coach who includes ALL BODY types in her guide, with details! Hallelujah! I found Cherene's approach refreshing, as she talks about self-acceptance of body type, and gives hope that dressing beautifully is possible, no matter the challenges.

I can't speak highly enough for this program. It's been totally worth it to me, and I'm forever grateful for the gift of knowledge Cherene has given me."

Amy Gaska

Amy Gaska

"All I can really say is, “NAILED IT!” The clothing choices you recommended were exactly the look I was going for. I wore one of the outfits and received several compliments from friends and colleagues. I was shocked at how many people went out of their way to complement the outfit. I enjoyed the easiness the most. I was a bit nervous at first, but your warm and knowledgeable approach really made me feel at ease.

I learned aspects such as colours, and what cuts fit my body type. I really noticed a difference in my skin appearance when I wore colours which complimented my skin type. Blemishes significantly reduced. Without this consultation, I would have continued wearing colours which emphasized my blemishes.